The life of Ben


48. Part five/ Ben

Chapter 48 Part five/ Ben

Pat had done them proud. She had rented a larger beach house once again not to fare from Donald’s. It had plenty of space so Jimmy and Jason could have their own rooms. Also there was an extra room which would have been for Stephan, except now it would to be used as a guest bedroom.    

Strange Ben thought. It was Jimmy rather than Jason who appeared more cut up about leaving Stephan behind in London. Maybe it was a combination of him missing a friend, possibly a lover, and definitely a work mate that was upsetting Jimmy. Still life had to move on. It did not take them long to unpack and settle in. Ben even walked down the beach the few hundred yards to Donald’s place to say hello.

There he found him sitting doing his favourite thing, watching the young guys walking by. Ben had to laugh when he remembered the group of boys on the beach and the pole diving competition, he had won that very first time he had visited Donald’s place. 


A few days later, it was back to work. Ben got up early and knocked for Jimmy on his way to the kitchen. Getting no response to the wakeup call, he opened the bedroom door and discovered the room was empty. Puzzled, he carried on to the kitchen, where he found Jimmy already having breakfast and chatting face to face on his pad with Stephan back in London.

The news from London was that Danny had kept Stephan busy videoing two weddings and helping out in the studio, so all in all, everything was good.


Ben swore everything was going wrong. It was not poor Jimmy’s fault that the fashion houses had already seen the test video that Ben had produced some week ago back in London. The video, the model had secretly recorded and posted on the net.

 But apparently they had, and they especially wanted Jimmy, who was the model in that video clip, to star in their next season’s collection. Cashing in on the free publicity already out there on the net.

 This left Ben having to take not only the still photos but most of the video ones as well. At least Jimmy, with Stephan’s help, would be able to do the editing or so he thought.


 Poor Jimmy was having trouble stitching the video shots he needed together. Ben had taken lots of them but, wherever he had pointed the camera, it seemed that he had not only videoed the model but also some unwanted objects in the background, which spoilt the effect. Apparently Jimmy had discussed this with Stephan face to face vie his pad. They had come to the conclusion that Stephan needed to come to New York.

The problem Ben had with that was Stephan could only to enter America on a holiday visa. And If he was caught working for Ben, they might both be asked to leave the country.


“Sorry no way,” Donald replied when Ben had told him that he had invited Stephan to come to New York to help sort out the problems he was having producing the clients’ video, especially after he had learnt Stephan had been refused a green card.

This sort of surprised Ben as he had thought Donald would do almost anything to keep his clients happy. Obviously he had been mistaken.

Donald, however, did have a suggestion, he should contact Bernie, who had lots of experience producing films. This was unacceptable to Ben because Bernie had been the reason for Ben leaving America in the first place. Instead he arranged with Danny to send Stephan To New York. 

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