Lie To Me

I wish we had never met because you are to hard to forget. I know that you don't but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie to me.


1. Back to New York.

It hurts to be played. It hurts to be used. But the most painful of all is loosing a loved one, fellow partner in crime, to another woman. 

I can forgive you for loving another but not returning my heart to its rightful place is another matter. It kills me a little more every time I see you with her. My pride will not let either you or her see how much you tore me to pieces. I could seek my revenge but where would that get me? The correct answer is nowhere. 

When we met again accidentally five days ago, just three days after the incident I saw a changed man. You looked brand new overnight, and I don't know how. Well, I do. It is because you can openly be with her and she doesn't need to be kept a secret like I was. 

I saw the way that your facial expression didn't flicker when you caught sight of me. That one look was enough for you. You didn't look twice. I'll admit that broke me further. 

I know full well that you saw through my mask, it is something you have always been able to do. Whenever I was elated or down you could tell.

You look happy now. I can only hope that it made a miniature crack in your stony heart to see me so broken. Yet deep down I know that won't happen because you look happy. She makes you happy. Happier then I ever could. Happier then I ever did. 

I believed, for a while, we would always have New York - some people have Paris but we had New York. But no, clearly not. Judging by the pictures posted on Twitter you have taken her, wooed her, loved her in the same places as you fooled me. 

Damn you Daniel. 

I don't suppose you remember me changing my flights so I could stay with you just a little longer? I don't know now, why I bothered, after all you were seeing her all the time. 

I presume when you were holding me you were imagining her. When you were loving me you were silently screaming her name? When your lips were against mine you were picturing her?

Actually it may come as a surprise but I don't want to know. 

How had I managed to convince myself that I got this right, when clearly the whole thing was just a sham. Just a little amusement for you.

Does she know? I don't suppose she does. You were never one to speak of your own wrong doings. 

Now I wish we had never met. It's true the lyrics that come next - 'cause you're too hard to forget. However I know that I need to be thankful for the 11 wonderful-to-me months that we shared together. I will never be able to forget you. 

Now I'm walking through our - my, apartment rounding up your belongings and as I pause in the door way of our old room a shudder passes over my body as I know you are taking off her dress, while I'm cleaning up your mess. 

Daniel, I know you don't, but, if I ask you if you love me... I hope you lie to me. 

It will be the first time that I have commanded anyone to lie to me. Usually I stick to the truth but if I could hear that lie pass through your lips, I would be momentarily satisfied - at peace.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, I cannot bring myself to get used to the gap that you left in my life. The 3 A.M. moonlight is the worst as it is closely followed by dawn. Dawn brings a new day - the birds begin to sing which makes my head hang a little lower as they symbolize the beginning of of yet another day of you away from me and with her instead.

Incase you care, making it till dawn will show will show you that I'm not happy. 

It is the time that New York again flashes to mind. The way you loved me up in the penthouse. The way that we would be so wrapped up in ourselves while touring the city that the only view we would see was us. At that time I believed we had this right. How I was wrong. 

Whether you know it or not, I wish we had never met because you are too hard to forget. It is time for me to move on but I struggle to do so as I know you are taking off her dress. 

I know that you don't but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie to me. 

Lie to me. Please won't you let me hear you say, 'I love you,' just one more time? 




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