Kingdom of Animan

Micheal finally meets his fiance and is all in for the marriage. Though she seems to have other plans.


1. Prologue

Once upon a time on a planet far from here was the Kingdom of the Animan. The Animan were people just like us but had animal features and abilities. The Animan Kingdom was divided into three realms. The realm of sky, sea, and earth. The Animan lived in a perfect world without hunger and war alongside the fairies in the Kingdom of Mystica. The Queen the last cat Animan had a son. His name was Michael. He had the most beautiful golden hair and ruby red eyes. A perfectly set of ears and a nice long tail.


He had just turned 18 this year and was to meet his fiance for the first time. Soon a carriage arrives at their huge golden palace in the middle of the earth realm. A beautiful young Animan lady steps out the carriage. She had long black hair and beautiful green eyes. She was a panther from one of the noble families in the realm. She looked up at the top of the castle wall and spotted Michael and glared at him with the most wicked glare. If looks could kill he would’ve died instantly. The put her head up high and strutted in the palace walls. This was the beginning of a beautiful romance.

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