Vegan PreCure

This is based on Japanese anime, well-chosen little girls and teenagers to become PreCure, hero that saves worlds from evil.
In this edition, animal human from Animal Planet travels to earth to look to recurit animal loving human into Vegan PreCure, where they fight to save people and animals from Evil Slaughterhouse Monsters.


1. Ametopia (Saki speaking)

Hello, I am Saki Hebimoto. I'm snake girl and my parent Shark and Lion, Queen Ariel Sharkstone and King James Lionstone were having meeting.

"Saki, we need your help." Queen Ariel said.

"What is it, Mom and Dad?" I asked.

"There's evil slaughterhouse witch from Slaughter Topia coming to convert our world to carnivore." King James said.

"That's terrible!" I said. "How can I help?"

"There's legend that in order to stop evil slaughter witch, there's Vegan Precure." King James said.

"Vegan PreCure?" I asked.

"Yes, sweety." Queen Ariel said. "Your mission is to travel to Earth and find four vegan children that can save the world from evil slaughterhouse witch."

"OK." I said.

"This world is also balance with earth too." King James said.

"Also, this evil Slaughterhouse witch is extreme dangerous."



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