Dear diary

I thought my life was a living hell, until the day it got worse.


1. the judgment

So I’ll tell you a little about myself, I guess you deserve to know.

My name is billy Clarke, i live in a small village called bagilltWhich is in wales. I’m only 16 and my happiness was taken from me when I was four.

My dad was someone I always looked up to but he couldn’t handle the place he was in at that time and what he did next tor a huge hole in my heart.

My mum wasn’t an angel she was desperate to feel loved and so she would try to seek the attention from different men, I met a few but they never stayed for long.

My grandparents were different. They were like every other grandparents, loving, supportive, happy but at that time they had recently lost their son and I got taken from them. From everyone.

I still have the memories, they haven’t left me but sometimes I wish they did. Being taken from my family wasn’t something I planned for, the reason why i was taken is because of my mum she did something that put both our lives at risk but later on you’ll find out what she did.

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