Car academy

It's a high school for cars what could be more fun! Also their are no teachers, but as result the top students who are the fastest of the cars made a system. The school is divided into two halves. The upper half thinks their better than the lower and doesn't associate with them much. This is also the first year girls have been allowed in. Follow the students through their school days and see what this fun school for cars is really about.


1. First day of school

Hello I am Volt. I am the top racer in the institute this week. This year we have had renovations to our school and girls have been allowed in. There are twenty students at this school. You'll get to meet a new one everyday, but today is my turn to show you around. The building is divided into 4 floors. I'm on the first floor of course with the top five me, Fang, Roger, Gray, and Lightning. I'll tell you one think Lightning is amazing. She's not only the first girl to make it to the top 5, she is also the smallest car in the institute. I love her so much. Our only adult staff member who was our chef quit last year so we're on our own. Me and the rest of the top 5 decided to do some training exercises on the new track. I had so much fun. I launched myself in the air, but something sad did happen. Fang and Roger wouldn't let Lightning have turn. They said it was to dangerous for a little lady like her to try. I was so mad, but I didn't know what to do. She looked like she was about to cry so I took her back to the institute and Gray followed us. She drove into her garage and I left. I decided to head over to the gas station to get something to eat. When I ran into Flutterby and Purple. Flutterby is the 10th place racer in the institute. She barely made in into the top half. Purple on the other hand was 6th and was just one spot away from the top five. She might even make it next week. They're also good friends of Lightning. Once I finished getting gas I saw Blue when I was headed to my garage. He is truly the saddest case the institute. He used to be the top racer just like me. Now he's at the lower half of the lower half. He can't even talk to his girlfriend purple anymore in public. The same thing happened to the old second placer Babyblue who is now the worst racer in the institute. A grim reminder that you could lose anything in just a week. I headed into my garage. I feel kind guilty I'm not doing anything about this. I looked outside the window to see hero. He is now in the upper lower half. He was getting harassed in the street by Fang. I really wanted to help, but that would disturb the whole order of things. He didn't deserve to be treated this way. He never hurt anyone yet he gets hurt. What could I do... I have all this power, but I can't fix something like this. I really must be stupid. On my way to the main track I saw Pink and Orange getting assulted, but they two are members of the lower half so I just turned way. Orange is tough she can take care of herself. I honestly think they shouldn't have let girls in they're just becoming targets for the upper half boys. I was going to train by myself when I saw Freed at the main track. Thank god I could talk to him. We had few races. We talked about the next race and how he was gonna get in the top 5 next time. I'm sure he could if he kept t it he was already in 7th place. I dropped him off the the second floor. I took a quick wash before heading back to my room. You know the first floor is the only floor with a wash. I read up on some tips to get faster so I could stay on top so I could get faster when Gray burst in. Lightning was missing! I ran to the new track. She had gone back with Purple and Flutterby to try the jump herself. She flew so far no one could find her. Purple and Flutterby went back to their rooms and Gray left me. I looked and found lightning crashed 50 feet away. I helped her to the first floor maintenance garage. After I got her back to her garage I went back to mine and called it night.
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