The Seventh Kingdom

When Princess Karmas father is murdered she sets out to find the killer, but they may discover a greater mystery along the way.


1. Prologue

It was the year 2069 in a world not too far from our own filled with magic. The land was divided into 7 kingdoms. Kingdoms Raria, and Fayweth where the fairies reside. They are beings filled with magical power and help humans to live and grow. Kingdoms Mayswenl, Trillid, Cilil, and Linden are home to humans. The humans have little or no magical power, but a few have as much magical power as fairies. These are the Royals. Finally the kingdom Onydon, home to the Unknown. The Unknown has never been seen nor heard in 20 years. Some say they have even more magic than fairies.


When the planet was first colonized in 2049. Humans fought against the unknown to survive. They pushed the monsters back into one kingdom. Then built a civilization that lasted for 19 years. The people who led the armies against the unknown were the Royals. Without them, humanity would have never been able to colonize this planet. Now the most powerful of these royals is King David who rules the kingdom of Cilil.


The kingdom of Cilil is known to be the most magic-filled human kingdom in the world. King David was wise and merciful. He always had a smile on his face. Everyone loved him, especially the queen. Queen Marie was very hot-headed. She tended to yell at the king a lot, but everyone knew how much they loved each other. They would always be by each other's side.


They had a beautiful daughter her hair black as night her skin the color of chocolate and her eyes shined in the sun. She also loved books. It was rare you would see her without one. Also without her, our story wouldn’t have happened. 

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