This Beat Is A Chemical

At this point...I'm just a manipulated puppet...


1. Prolouge

“You always take forever, honestly stop putting so much effort into your looks, it's not doing much help at all.” I purse my lips as I look at my girlfriend through my bureau mirror. She sits on the edge of my bed, her fingers tap away at her phone, the screen lighting up in a flash as she sends Snapchats to god knows who, her shirt falling low, revealing part of her chest, her slightly parting her lips.


“I’m not even trying Serah” She looks at me, running her fingers through her blonde hair. She stands up, walking over to me, taking my contour pallet out of my hand.


“You are Alex. And babe? You're a damn guy, stop wearing makeup.” I simply nod, but I'm absolutely fuming on the inside. What does she have to say on what I wear, she can't just tell me what to do. “Now stop applying makeup, and let's go okay?” I look down at her, placing a makeup brush down before interlacing my hand with hers.


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