sky full of stars

"promise me this is forever."


1. sky full of stars

"What brought it on was the wavering feeling of peace that swept over me. That familiar feeling that aways sweeps over me when the sun sets and the cool night arises. There was no one else in the world I wanted to be there with. He was everything, I think I realized that, that night. I swung my arms over the gate that separated the parking lot from the high school soccer field. It was pitch black, the only light that remained was the flickered street lights and the sky full of stars above us. He must’ve thought I was upset when i separated myself from the group to go stand by that gate. I was quiet. He sauntered over to me and swung his arms onto the fence as well. “You okay?” He asked me, the worry in his eyes was subtle but powerful. I smiled inside. “Yeah.” I replied, while taking a deep breath and feeling the relaxation fill my lungs. My eyes closed as I took all of it in. I remembered just how much I loved the night. The dark was my peaceful place. No one could see you, you could become invisible, and in the darkness of possibility you could become whatever and whoever you wanted. I looked up and saw all the stars spotted against the navy sky. “I have an idea.” I exclaimed as I ran through the opening in the fence into the middle of the pitch black soccer field. I sprawled out onto the ground and laid my head on the crumpled grass. I starred up into the sky full of stars and knew that this was meant to happen tonight. He was laying down next to me before I knew it. I turned to face him.“This isn’t how I imagined this would happen.” He says softly. I smirk. “It’s okay.” I say, and look back up at the sky. 


“Orions belt.” He points to the far right of the sky, and traces the three stars that make up the constellation. 

“I love how you know that.” I reply, and smile wider than my previous smirk. I trace my finger across the sky until I’ve found the shape of the big dipper. 

“There’s the big dipper.” I tell him. “Yeah it is.” He says. I shift my head to face him once again, and he’s already starring. In the peaceful dark I stare into his green eyes, and see the stars reflect in them. I almost couldn’t breathe. The weather was perfect, the air was the perfect mixture of breezy but still. It played into the relaxation, and the lightness of my lungs. I felt like I was flying. I couldn’t break my gaze from his as it seemed all the stars lined up around us. 


What a perfect setting to be here next to my universe boy. 


“Promise me this is forever.” The words came out of my mouth so naturally, like soft spoken cursive poetry.


“I promise.” He replies, with no hesitation; and before I knew it I was leaning across him meeting his lips with mine in what seemed like such a fearless kiss. I held his face with my hand as I felt us move, as if it were second nature for us to be together like this. 


“I want to stay here forever.” He tells me, and in that moment I’m almost tempted to. 

"Check star-gazing off our cliche To-Do-List." He concludes. 


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