universe boy

how lucky she was to have the universe standing in front of her, looking into her eyes as if she was a million universes wrapped up into one.


1. universe boy

dear universe boy, 

how is it in those green eyes of yours, i see a reflection of a beautiful shimmering bottomless body of water. The kind where you dive in and you hold your breath for as long as it takes and go as far down as you can until your lungs burn and crave the bittersweet air the water takes away from you. You do everything in your power to find the bottom of this bottomless body of water, hoping it’ll transport you to a whole other world. around you that’s all i see. another world. where things glisten in a shimmering spiral of fearlessness. driving through the city on epic adventures, never knowing what or where we’d go next. kissing in the rain on your front driveway, snapping pictures in a little photo booth nobody uses. breathing in the winds of fresh air in the back of the car, windows down, music blaring, all i can feel is the warmth of your embrace transporting me here. to this. to these nights of staying out late, laughing, cursing, getting into trouble. if i want to taste the universe all i have to do is kiss you, and all the planets of every solar system perfectly inclined, rise to the palm of my hand and the sun shines for me. every touch is a simple cursive line beautifully drawn into a mural of dedication sprawled throughout this new world. a kaleidoscope of memories in the making that i will take with me throughout all my days of troubled text messages, of growing old in a place i’ll complain about to the dogs roaming around the wood kitchen floors. wild stories to tell to the ones who never thought i had it in me to be that reckless. how can a speechless girl begin to speak of this universe boy? this out of human-capacity lightness that draped over the gray and chased away the lurking darkness. the whole universe standing right there in flesh and blood. every breath taken away by the way he moves towards her. the way he ran his hands through his hair, or that lip bite he’d do when he was nervous. there was an incredibility in the way this love sinewed them. someone so simple, so honored, as to have the entire universe look at her as if she was a million universes wrapped up into one. and what could she say? she was feeling epic. 

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