Destroying My Destiny

Dawn is one of four princess siblings that lives in the castle of Hategon, one day she received a love letter from a prince of Vraca, and hell is lose in the family. Not only does she have family problems but also does she find a mark on her forehead that won’t go away no matter how much she scrubs her face, will she be able to cope with the family problems and hide this mysterious mark?


1. Chapter 1

Heavy footsteps were heard throughout the streets of Hategon, a bunch of six knights were running in their knight’s armor, followed by a couple of servants and a maid calling out the youngest princess of Hategon “Miss Dawn!” “Miss Dawn!” she was yet again disappeared from her royal duties. It should not be impossible to find a pink haired girl, with pink clothing in the streets, but so far, it seemed like they were looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hours had passed and the young princess was still not found, the maid, the servants, even the knights feared to go back to the castle empty-handed, they knew the wrath of the Queen was merciless and that they would not survive it. To their luck, the young princess walked past them on the opposite street with some filthy children, she was happy and smiled to the children, it was clear that it was the children from the slums of Hategon, they were covered in dirt and other pesticides and maybe even horrible illness.

“Milady!” The Maid shouted from the street, as she pointed at the pink haired girl.

The pink haired girl turned around and looked at the maid with her heterochromia iridium eyes, the left eye was green and the right eye was blue, and a gentle smile on her lips, the children got scared of the knights and hid behind her, they were shaking with fear. They knew that when the knights patrolled the city something bad had happened, and they were not merciful towards those who stood in their way.

“Milady you must come back home immediately, your Mother and Father will burn the city down if you don’t come home now.” The maid said with a fair voice as she changed her tone and added, “If you don’t come home peacefully, I will have to send these brutes after you. You know you cannot escape them.”

“I suppose it’s enough playtime for today, if I follow you now, you won’t hurt these children right?” said the pink haired girl and pointed at the knights.

All the knights nodded agreeing to her proposal, as they moved to each side to make a way for the girl. She turned around to face the children behind her, she bends down to be at the same height as the children, they were scared of the knights, she could easily tell by them wetting themselves and their tears and snot all over their faces.

“Do you really have to go?” a child said with tears in her eyes.

“I am afraid so.” She said as she added with a whispering voice, “I will come back and find you all, someday. Duties or not, it won’t keep me away from you all.”

She stood up, turned around and walked up the maid, she gave her a hug and smiled at her. Then she passed the guards, and they paired up two and two walking right behind the pink haired girl.

“It’s good to have you home again, Dawn.” the maid said while walking beside the pink haired princess Dawn.

“It’s good to see you too Mei. I still don’t want to go study…” Dawn said trying to make Mei help her avoid her duties.

“NO! You can absolutely not skip any more duties! You know, the queen will punish you for this.”

“Then let my mother punish me for it, let her lock me up for 5 days to think about my actions and then what?”

“Dawn...” Mei hesitated “You have been punished so many times already; don’t you have any pride?”

“I am not talking to you about this on the street. I have that much pride, Mei. Now stop talking, you are getting on my nerves” snapped Dawn at Mei

“Yes, Milady,” Mei said with a low voice as she held her head down.

They arrived at the castle gates; they opened up for Dawn, as she went inside followed by servants, knights, and her maid Mei. The queen and the kind were both furious when they saw Dawn stepping inside the grand castle hall, no harm had happened to her. Dawn’s mother rushed towards her only to smack her across the face to give her a scolding in front of everyone, there was no tolerance of such behavior in this castle that she ruled with an iron grip.

“I can’t let you be alone with ANYONE Dawn, you will soon turn sixteen and you are acting like a stupid brat. I have never, in all my years had such a useless child as you! You will not leave this castle without permission from either your father or me! AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR?” her mother busted out with rage over such obedience from one of her own children.

“I am sorry mother…I know, I will be sent to my room” said Dawn with a monotone tone of voice

Dawn held her left hand on her cheek, the sensation of the hit she received from her mother would last for an hour, and it burned. She turned around only to see the grim smiles on her sisters’ faces until they covered them with their hands, Dawn did not pay them any attention, and she was used to the treatment of her sisters’ mockery. Dawn walked up the broad stairs, as she reached the top of them she turned right and walked down the hallway until she reached her room, the sound of a door opening were heard down in the grand hall.

“Mei would you-“ Dawn didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before her mother interrupted her.

“Mei will be busy the rest of the day helping me; I am sending Victoria to your room to watch over you.” Her mother said with a harsh voice.

The sound of a door closing was heard in the grand hall, the queen looked at Mei as she indicated with her index finger to follow her. Mei did not dare not to obey the order of Hategons’ queen, she followed her willingly, she stopped at the stairs to look up at them, she sends out a thought to her dear princess Dawn who now was in house arrest.

“MEI!” commanded the queen

“I’m sorry your majesty, I’m coming!” Mei said with a nervous voice as she rushed towards the queen.

Dawn sat down in a chair next to one of the big windows in her room, the only window where the curtains did not cover the window; she looked at the city with sorrow in her eyes. Now that Victoria was looking after her it would be harder to escape from the castle. Victoria was not an ordinary maid like the rest of them, she was more likely in a family with a caveman. Dawn had seen such a big woman in her life, so broad shoulders and so muscular it was quite scary, for all she knows Victoria could even be a man, there was no way of running around corners with that lady. Dawn heard a knocking on the door.

“It’s me Victoria I’m entering your room,” Victoria said with a firm yet masculine voice for a female.

Victoria opened the door, stepped inside the room, Dawn looked at Victoria’s reflection in the window, and the big and masculine woman was now in her room.

“Your mother hasn’t decided on a proper punishment other than that I am to accompany everywhere, even if you have to visit the ladies room Milady.” Said Victoria with a firm voice.

Dawn turned around and looked at her with disgust in her eyes, there was no acknowledge from her part. For her Mei was the only maid she would answer to, not because she was nice but she was the only one that actually said her honest opinion and didn’t lie her up in her face. She felt she could talk to Mei about everything; she was almost as a best friend.
Dawn picked up a pen from the desk beside her and threw it as Victoria in rage, Victoria caught it between her middle and index finger, and she took heavy steps towards Dawn.

“Milady that is not acceptable behavior of a princess,” Victoria said with a firm voice.

“I do not care what you think, old hag!” Dawn snapped at Victoria

“That tone is not acceptable either, I am not the enemy here Milady, you did this to yourself.”

Dawn touched the window with her right hand, she felt how chill it was, and somehow it calmed her down, she looked out through the window to look at the city.

“I want to see Mei.” Commanded Dawn

“I am sorry Milady, but that is not happening, your mother had things she wanted Mei to do,” said Victoria with a firm voice

Victoria walked up behind Dawn and laid a hand on her shoulder, and she looked down to  Dawn, Dawn looked back up to Victoria with a stern look. Victoria raised her other hand with the pen that Dawn had thrown at her, she handed it to Dawn, then she turned around to go sit down in a chair next to the door, there was no escaping this time.

“I want Mei summoned and I do not care about your opinion, she is MY maid, and I have the right to summon her as I see fit! Do you understand that Victoria?” said Dawn with a harsh tone in her voice.

“Very well Milady, I will let them know you use your right to summon Mei,” said Victoria with a firm tone of voice.

She got up from the chair to open the door, outside stood the six knights that escorted her home from the streets. Victoria spoke to them, they nodded as two of them left, and the others stayed on the spot. It was a hopeless situation that Dawn was in, there was no kind of escape, when someone was put in Victoria’s care, they would not go anywhere or do anything without her supervision, shortly after a knocking on the door was heard and Mei’s fair voice spoke out.

“Milady summoned me?”

Victoria opened up the door; Dawn turned around and looked at Victoria opening and welcoming Mei into Dawn's quarters, Mei stepped inside and curtsied in front of Dawn

“Milady summoned me,” Mei said with a fair voice

“Don’t do that, you know me better than this Mei.” Said, Dawn, as she frowned she looked towards Victoria and added, “You have to watch over me, make sure I do not do stupid stuff. I promise I will stop acting up, but on one condition. That one condition is that Mei never leaves my side, never ever again. That you step outside this room this very second, and I will not ask again.” Dawn said with a firm voice as she looked at Victoria.

“I cannot do that, I have been given the duty to oversee you Milady. If you wish to discuss the matter, do that with your mother. If there is no more need for Mei here then she will go back to your mother.” Said Victoria with a firm voice

“I am not talking to an old hag that is lying me up my face! You know that is true Victoria! Even if you do not want to admit it, everyone if putting up an act! Even you! Spare me your bullshit. But since you won’t leave then so be it, stay and listen to what I have to say!” shouted Dawn.

Dawn began to throw a huge tantrum over not getting her will; she grabbed Mei’s hand and dragged her behind herself. Mei was confused over what was happening; at the same time, she was happy that Dawn was defending her. They would fight overall kind of small things, dawn would tell her how much she hated her and wished she had another maid, but when it came down to it, Mei was the only one fit to calm down Dawn when she had her tantrums, even Victoria had trouble with Dawn when it happened.

“Not you! Nor the knights outside my door, not my mother, not my father or ANYONE ELSE is taking Mei from me again! Am I making myself clear Victoria! AM I?” Dawn began to raise her voice from talking in a harsh tone and turned it into shouting instead.

Victoria looked calmly at Dawn, then she gazed to Mei as she nodded, Mei nodded back they both knew that a tantrum was coming up, Victoria sat down in the chair next to the door, Mei held Dawn's hand, as Dawn began to squeeze her hand tight.

“Dawn… Listen to my voice; I am not going anywhere, just as you said I am staying here with you, to watch over you.” Said Mei with her fair voice, it was almost as if she was whispering to Dawn.

Just by talking to her, Mei got her to calm down with nothing more than a few words, Dawn stopped herself in having a tantrum, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath then she exhaled after exhaling Dawn opened up her eyes, she looked at Mei and gave her a hug.

“I don’t know what to do without you Mei; if you aren’t here my bad temper gets the better of me.” Said, Dawn, while she hugged Mei

“I won’t always be around Dawn; soon you will be married to a wonderful husband and live your life with him. By then you have to control your temper, always remember this, when things are getting tough just close your eyes and take a deep breath then exhale to calm yourself down. Just like you did now.” Said, Mei, while being hugged by Dawn

“I am trying. I really am. I just...” Dawn paused and thought about her words for a second as she added, “I just don’t want you away from me, and you are the only one in this hellhole that sees me for me.” Said, Dawn, as she let go of Mei.

Dawn held Mei’s hand, she walked her over to her bed and got Mei to sit down, and she sat down next to Mei and looked her in the eyes, while she held Mei’s hand in both her hands.

“I want to apologize for earlier, I was rough on you Mei.”

“Do not be Dawn. It is my duty to care for you and make sure you have what you need, it’s only natural you act up like that, I would say ts a part of being a Redshield” Grinned Mei

Dawn looked surprised at Mei, just like that, Mei brushed the matter away just like that, and it was something dawn wished that she could do, brushing a matter of like that. It was never as simple as that for Dawn, everything she wanted to do always turned out to be complicated, one way or the other.

“Mei..” Said, Dawn


“Yes, Dawn?” Said, Mei

“I wanted to talk to you about what you said earlier, about pride.” Dawn’s tone of voice changed for the worse
Mei gulped; she noticed Dawn’s change of tone, and knew something was brewing, it was not a tantrum that was underway, it was complaining. Mei’s expression changed from a happy one into one with fear. Her hand began to hurt, Dawn’s grip tightened on her hand.

“How does it feel?” Said Dawn with a cold tone of voice


“Not... so... Pleasant Milady” Said, Mei, as she tried to hold the pain in


“I will never, EVER hear you talk about pride again! Do I make myself clear?” Said dawn with a louder tone of voice


“Yes…Milady… Please...Let go of my…. Hand, you’re crushing…it.” Said Mei as she closed her eyes in pain, but Dawn only tightened her grip even more.


Dawn leaned closer towards Mei as she looked at her with an angry expression.

“Mei…I know you care, but speaking on the street like you did earlier today, I will not allow it. I know you are supposed to care for me, but that was VERY unacceptable, and I do NOT tolerate that kind of behavior. Luckily, for you I am not my mother, so you will not get a beating for speaking out of line. However, you will still be punished. Am I making myself clear? DO NOT TALK, just nod if you understand”

Mei nodded, that made Dawn let go of her hand, she pulled her hand to herself to care for it but before she knew it, she was being hit in the face with a pillow. Not just once were she hit but several times until she realized there was not any kind of punishment other than being beaten with a pillow. Mei picked up a pillow and they started fighting a vicious fight to the death. The one to fall out of the bed was dead. Unfortunately, they both fell out of the bed, there was no winner.
they were laying on the floor for a while, then Dawn turned to look at Mei.

“I… I do not want to be like my mother, Mei... I don’t want to punish people for making mistakes or to hurt them for being out of line… that is not what a princess do, or a queen for that matter…Do you know why I often run down to the city without anyone knowing Mei?” said Dawn with a quiet voice, Mei shook her head, she didn’t know why.


“The people…Mei… The people, how many times do we, the Royals go to the city to greet the people?” Said Dawn and Mei looked like a question mark.

“I have never seen my family go out to talk to the people, to hear their needs, isn’t it our duty as royals to care for our people? I think it is our duty, but none in this family will listen to me, I am just a nobody to them. I guess they would start to listen to me if I began acting and try to be like them right?”

“Dawn…” Said Mei with a sad look in her eyes.

“It is okay. I will do what I can… I just…I just can’t stop thinking about these poor kids in the city, many of them have no family to care for them, they are on the street barely getting by. They are so happy when I am with them, I don’t know if it’s because of me, or because I am royal, but I like being around them, they do not treat me like my family does. In addition, I want to make them remember me for a good person, even if I sometimes have to do bad things, I want them to be happy, and they have a future. They fight for a better tomorrow every day, just by living. You won’t know because you aren’t there Mei.” Said, Dawn

“Dawn… Even if you care for them, you have to think about the bigger picture, you are soon turning sixteen and have to find a husband if you keep running away like this, it sends signals, and signals make rumors and rumors can be very ugly. You are embarrassing your mother and father by running off like this, you are the youngest, and you have to learn how to behave. I know you care for the children of Hategon like you do, but right now, think of the embarrassment you are giving your family by acting this way.“ Said Mei.


Dawn let out a sigh and nodded agreeing to Mei.


“From tomorrow I will stop running away from my problems, I will face them, all of them with my head held high.” Said Dawn with a smile on her face as she added, “I love you, Mei.”

Victoria stood up from the chair and walked over to the two girls laying on the floor giggling, she looked down to them with a raised eyebrow and crossed her arms.

“Are the two of you done? Mei is still needed below; the queen is waiting for her.” Said Victoria with a firm voice


Mei looked at Dawn, she gave her a nod, Mei got up from the floor and helped Dawn up as well, Mei brushed her maid dress off, and Dawn brushed of her pink yukata.  It was not a normal choice of dress, but it was the only one she would wear, since it was very dear to her, it was from an older brother who went to Japan once and he brought back this pink yukata for Dawn, even if they didn’t speak so often he would always bring her something from his travels. Mei and Dawn gave each other a hug and Mei left the room after.

Dawn walked over to Victoria and bowed before her, Victoria’s eyes stood wide open, her jaw dropped and she was in a state of shock.

“Milady-“ Victoria said but what interrupted


“I have been rude, and uncontrollable, ruled by my emotions, and a princess shouldn’t act this way. I am sorry I have caused you trouble Victoria.” Said, Dawn, as she stopped bowing.


Victoria remained silent and looked the youngest of the princesses, that finally had come to her senses, acting like a child for so long, and nobody could control her, but Mei.

“I realize that I have been unfair to everyone, but I have a passion for the people of Hategon, they are being mistreated Victoria. I cannot stand by and let this continue. Can you not tell my mother about this?” Asked Dawn


“I am your mother’s maid, my love. I have to report something to her…Since I sense that you have reconsidered your actions. I will allow it this once; I AM your mother’s maid after all” Said Victoria with a firm voice and a smirk on her face.

“I know I am to be punished as mother said, so can you punish me in a proper way of helping me be more like… A princess should be?” Asked Dawn


“Oh my… I never thought I would hear you speak those words out loud, and in front of me, my love.” Said Victoria with a giggle.


“I think this punishment will do, I will work you hard. Harder than you can ever imagine Dawn, you have very much to catch up on” Said Victoria with a firm voice


From that day, none was allowed to enter Dawn’s room.
One could only imagine what was going on in there, several servants tried day after day to get a sneak peek inside the room, but without luck.

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