The gift

The gift of a mark.

Each generation at 9 o'clock receive the mark of their true loves enitials on the back of their neck and is binding.

Esmai and Eric do not agree with their pairings and risk life and limb for their love. Will they make it or is their destiny already decided?

Author's note

This is a practice run for a book I am writing and would like to get peoples opinions as it progresses.

1. Celebration day

The morning was cold and bitter while my room was warm and cosy; through the windows which were covered like a canvas with the ice of a frosty winters morning you could see children yelling and laughing while snowball fighting. Such care free times were long behind me, I had reached that age which in this society every girl can't wait to reach, but not me. I believe that it's the day society takes away your freedom, your freedom to make your own choices and mistakes.


There use to be a time where people got to choose who they were going to be with for the rest of their lives, but they say that god saw to much heartbreak and failure in the aspect of love that he chose to change the process. Now, in our times, when you reach the age of 18 god places the initials of your true love, your perfect match, if there is such a thing, on your neck and you and that person who you may not even know or like are together from there on out. If you disobeyed this "gift" then the price you must pay is greater than any other. You would stand on trial and then put to death for your "selfish" actions against god and the disgrace of your family name.


It was November the 8th, my generations turn to get the gift and everybody, girls, boys and parents especially were excited to see who their children are going to be paired up too.  People got dressed in their best clothes, boys in suits and girls in silly dresses, me? I got forced into a dress by my parents who sent me off to school with big smiles and fingers crossed. 


I walked to school in a long green coat to hide the dress and to keep me warm, on my way there every morning I meet with my life long friend Eric who my parents don't approve of. They say he's a ruffian, a commoner and that I shouldn't associate myself with such a thing. He isn't any of those horrible things. My family are known as high class as we have a lot of money so they think just because his family doesn't have much money that he's a bad influence. We've been best friends since I was 6, he's protected me, he's listened and comforted me, we've had so many memories and laughs together than any of my other high class "friends".  When I arrived at our meeting point he was there, lent against the wall wearing a black leather jacket, black T-shirt and blue jeans. He looked me up and down and began to grin knowing what I was wearing.


"Are u wearing?"

"Yes, shut up!" I interrupted 


He began to laugh as he knows how much I hate wearing dresses, doing my hair and plastering my face in a mask of make-up. He asked to see what I looked like but refusing and rolling my eyes doesn't make him stop, so I un-zipped my jacket to revile the knee length, dark purple dress with a purple waist ribbon tide on my left side. He pauses and looks in amazement, he then shakes his head, smiles and begins to walk once more. 


"Well i think you look lovely" he states with a smile as he walks through the school gates

"Oh shut up!" I laugh as I punch him in the arm 

"Still got a good punch on you I see" he says grabbing his arm where I had just punched him and we laugh. 


We entered the school with dread which was met by screams from girls, yelling and high fives from boys. We walked through the front doors, followed the signs down the hallway and into the hall for the "celebration". Everyone was scattered in groups around the hall there was the geeks, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the performers, the invisibles, the weirdos and the darks. I wasn't really part of a specific group as I hanged with the invisibles and the weirdos but Eric, Eric was part of the darks group as he keeps himself to himself which is classed as strange here and he dressed in darker clothes than most of the guys here but I like him that way. 


As we entered the hall I took off my coat to reveal the dress and suddenly I felt a shiver through my body and a throbbing pain. I turned around and saw drake behind me, he had slapped my ass! I had my mouth wide opened, I lifted my arm and swung it towards him but he stopped me and had a tight grip on my wrist. 


"Ooo getting aggressive are we?" We said inches away from my face and winked at me 

"Let go of me!" I said tugging away but he just stood there 

"Didn't you hear her she said let her go!" Said A deep and aggressive voice,

 it was Eric, he looked angry and I could see his fists were clenched. Drake just looked at him for a few moments and then threw my hand aside with wide eyes, I grabbed my wrist and rubbed it as it was saw. Drake walked slowly up to Eric and got right up in his face. 


"No one tells me what to do, especially not a worthless ink stain like you, who's to poor to know how to treat someone like me with respect!" Drake said with a devilish grin


"I respect people that respect me regardless of money, age or social standing. People like you don't deserve to be treated with respect as you treat everyone as if they were bellow you, when without them you would be nothing. I doubt you even know the meaning of respect or compassion! actually I doubt you could even spell respect or compassion for that matter" Eric snapped.


Both of their fists were now clenched and I knew what was about to happen. Eric cant have another fight or he would be suspended and I couldn't deal with school without him. I pushed in between them and managed to move Eric aside but he was as stiff as a plank of wood. 


"Just ignore him Eric, he isn't worth the time or energy" I said as I pushed him away from the jocks corner to the centre of the hall. I calmed him down after a few minutes of speaking random shit to make him laugh and bringing up some old memories. 


Eventually We said we'd see each other later and parted ways. I walked to the invisibles and he walked slowly over to the darks with his hands in his jean pockets. The head teacher entered not long after. As usual he starts with a big speech and pointless announcements before getting to the point.


"Ok, it's nearly 9 which means its nearly time for your gift. When you get this be grateful and respect your chosen life partner. 20 minutes to go, get ready" 


I didn't bother listening to this gift crap and just sat talking to my friends about who we might be paired up with. I got a bit tired of this conversation as I didn't have a good view on this hole soul mate thing so I went and sat on a solitary table away from any groups, i wanted to be alone. When my mind started to drift off I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye sit next to me. I turned my head to see HIM! 


"Uurrrg not him again" I though to myself 

"Hey babe.. I think we got off to a bad start. I'm drake O'massy what's yours?" He said with an irritating grin as I rolled my eyes 

"Esmai, Esmai darling and I'm NOT your babe!" I stated with a deadly serious expression plastered on my face and the devils stare. You could see him lose his "cool" for a moment and feeling uncomfortable but he shook it off. 

"Aaa darling, you don't need to play hard to get, you already got me" he winked 

"Ha! I ant playing and trust me, I don't want you or whatever you've caught" I smirked. He slid across the bench closer to me.

"Well your body language tells me differently" he whispered in my ear. shivers go through my spin once more as I felt his warm breath on my neck. I was silent and still for a few moments out of pure shock.


"Get away from me!" I said getting up out of my seat, but I think I got up to fast. Suddenly I became dizzy and light headed, I put my arm on the table to stop myself from falling, my heart began to race and a shooting red hot pain started small at the back of my neck and grew until my neck gained its own throbbing heart beat. I placed my other hand on the back of my neck where the pain was located and a light shone from beneath my hand. 


Eric ran over and caught me in his arms as i beg to fall; Everyone stared at me including the head teacher but he looked at me in shock and amazement at the same time as if something impossible was happening to me. 


"It cant be!" He whispers as he stands in front of me 

"what?" Eric yelled

He checks the time before replying "it's only quarter to 9?" 

"What's the time got to do with anything! What's happening to Esmaii?!" Eric yelled in a panic. he raised his voice louder than he ever has to a member of staff.


The room was silent and still when my breathing began to slow down and my heart rate went back to normal as I sat there on the floor with Eric's arms wrapped tightly around me. The head teacher moved my hand from my neck with an anxious look, when I moved my hand his mouth seemed to drop and his breathing stopped as if he was having a heart attack. 


"No? This has never happened before!" He gasped 

"what? What's never happened" I mumbled 

"You've been given your gift 15 minutes before your whole generation and every other before you!" The head teacher laughed with excitement and astonishment. Eric looked at my neck and his eyes widened and his stomach flinched as if he had just been punched in the gut. 

"What? What does it say?!" I screamed in a panic 

"The initials you have been given are D.O." Eric whispered quietly with a serious expression and head down

"Wait what!?" 

"And there's only one person in this room in our generation that has those initials" he whispered quietly once more and then sat there body limp and silent. 

"Drake O'massy!" The teacher screamed and the name Echoed around the hall and even louder in my head as my heart, facial expression and breathing dropped. "Why him? Out of everybody in the whole world, why him?!" I thought to myself "i have to spend the rest of my life with a stuck up, obnoxious snob like him! NOT GUNNA HAPPEN!" I screamed in my head. 


"NO! NO! NO! AND HELL NO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as the head teacher shacked drakes hand. Everyone starring at me

"What do you mean no?" The teacher questioned 


"I mean I'm not spending the rest of my life with HIM! It must be a mistake" I argued 

"There is no mistake, this is your life partner now stop acting ungratefully and childish!" He whispered and turned to talk away with his head yelled him.

Just then the clock struck nine and everyone's neck began to glow but non of them seemed to go through the pain I did. 


I bent down as I put my hands on my head gripping my hair tightly then burst out yelling "No, Don't walk away from me! I'm not going to be with him and there's nothing you can do to make me!" 


"Hunny, stop making a scene!" Drake laughed awkwardly placing his hands on my arms

"No, I won't! And get it in to your thick skull I'm not your frigging hunny ok!" 

"Oh yes you are!" Yelled the head master,

I stood there in astonishment as I was stunned at the aggression in his voice as he walked with heavy feet towards me and a red face with an aggressive facial expression.


"Do you know why?! Cuz if you don't you will be put to death for a crime against god and this society!" Everyone gasped at this ridiculous law, I was stunned, wide eyed and quiet as my heart silently broke. My arms went limp and my head slowly bowed down.


"I thought that would put you in your place!" He smirked 

When he walked away I looked over to Eric and saw a dye job blonde, red dress tramp all over him. Nothing can be more painful than what I am feeling right now seeing Eric with her. Eric looked over to me while keeping his distance from her but it feels like the distance is between us now. I crossed my arms and Drake placed his hand on them then directed me to our seats at the other side of the room, away from Eric.


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