Making Her Remeber(TTS#1)

Time Travelling Series #1

Learn what happens when you travel through time and one of your silly choices, erases you from the essence of this world.

Meet Ember Costello, the under-dog fashion designer. She is sweet, polite and gentle but get on her bad side and you see how much of a sweet she can be.

Meet Brandon Reed, owner of the Reed Enterprises but his sole focus is finding the girl he lost and make her remember about herself.

Cover credits to @LaurelGeni (Thank you and sorry for the trouble.) (From Wattpad)


5. 4





The next day I woke up with an astounding headache. I sat up and looked around and saw that I was in my room. Huh, when did I get home?


I thought for a while, reconciling any memories of last night, but came up with nothing. All I remember is Brandon telling me his full name and was interrupted by a phone call from Max telling me to rush home for something. Eh, I will ask him later.


I shrugged and went to the bathroom to do my business. When I got out, I heard voices in the kitchen. I made my way towards it and saw that Max and Amelia in a shouting battle. So far Amelia is winning, with her shrill voice, in bursting my ear-drums. If they think that they can be the loudest then I am about to prove them wrong. I smirked evilly and went to the cupboards to get a pan and a metal spoon.


I took out my phone and connected it to blue-tooth and played ‘The Phoenix’ by Fall Out Boys on high volume, all the while hitting the pan with the spoon this got their attention and they quieted down and held their palms in front of their ears to stop their ears from bursting. I stopped the music and hitting the pan and laughed triumphantly. I looked at them and they were giving me death glares.


“Oh, shit.” I mumbled and ran for my life.


“Ember Verona Costello, you get here right now. I will teach you a lesson, young lady.” Max said in his dad voice. But I just flipped him off and ran towards the back of our house. We were all giggling and shouting curses at each other and somewhere in the middle of it, we started playing with water. Big mistake. The water was cold as hell. What else could you expect in this month.


So for the next hour, we were copped up in our rooms and getting warm baths. It didn’t work for me because I was sick now. I kept sneezing and coughing and my nose just wouldn’t stop running. That’s how sensitive I am.


I approached the kitchen and saw that there were two notes stuck on the fridge.


Hey Ems,

I have an emergency at work today. I won’t be home until night. Please do the dishes and the laundry. I owe you one. And I have some fever curing soup in the fridge. Be well.

Love, Ams.


Hola Senorita,

See I am working on my Spanish. Get well soon and do my laundry for me. I won’t be home until night.

See ya :heart:


That is so not weird. They are acting as if I am sick and it is contagious. Oh wait, I am sick and it is contagious. I guess I know where they are coming from.


But I still have to work. I hung my head low in disappointment and begrudgingly went into the living room with my warm blanket and rested on the couch. I turned on the TV and soon my eyes started to shut from exhaustion, but then I heard the shrill voice of my phone. At first I ignored it but it started ringing again, so I thought it must be really important and I reached my hand on the coffee table and answered the call without looking.


“Ember, you are not here today. May I know why?” a deep voice asked from the other side and I smiled in my sleepy state. They have such manly voice, I would love to sleep next to it, forever.


“Don’t worry, my dear Sylvia. We will get to sleep each other again, someday.” Brandon said with a deep and seductive voice, chuckling on the other side and I sat up with my eyes wide open.


Did I say that out loud? I guess I did.


“Good morning, Mr. Brandon. I forgot to call you and tell you that I won’t be coming to work today because I am sick.” I said but couldn’t help the slight blush on my cheeks out of embarrassment.


“You are sick? Hold on I am coming to your house.” with that he ended the call but I was too exhausted to even say anything about it and went back to sleep.




I woke up some hours later to a very delicious smell. I rubbed my eyes and woke up. I am still not better and now I have a headache. I trudged towards the kitchen and saw that Brandon was there and was making some type of soup.


I blinked a few times to check if this was just my subconscious playing games with me, but I was proved wrong when he turned around and smiled at me.


Wait, when did he get here? And how did he get in? 


Suddenly, my vision started to turn black and I staggered back.


I entered the kitchen and there stood Brandon wearing only his shorts. His back looks so hot and the way his muscles ripples when he moves, just sexy. He looked back and smiled that sexy smile of his.


“Come sit, Syl. I made your favourite soup.” he said and I took my seat on the bar stool. I smiled at him. I can’t believe I love this man and he loves me too. And tomorrow we will finally go to-


My vision was cut short when I heard the pan drop on the ground and Brandon stood there with his back towards me, all frozen. I walked to him and put my hand on his shoulder, which seemed to get him out of his daze and look at me. At first his face morphed into confusion, as if he wasn’t sure who I was, then it changed into realization.


“Hey, you are awake. I made some soup for you. Are you feeling better now?” he asked and put his hand on my forehead to check my temperature. Oh God, his hands are so soft. “Shit, Ember. You are burning up. Come on sit here. I will serve you in a minute. It is just ready.”


He ushered me to the chair near the dining table, all the while my gaze didn’t leave his face. He jogged to the stove and turned the heat down. He took out a bowl and served me steaming hot tomato soup. My hands were shaking wildly so Brandon had to feed me.


He is so gentle and caring. That reminds me…


“How did you enter my house?” I asked when he wiped my lips with a napkin.


“Oh, um, you see, I, uh, broke in?” he gave a sheepish smile but my eyes bulged out.


“Broke in!?” I shrieked.


“Please understand. You were sick and I was very worried. I knocked, gave you many missed calls and then I got even more worried so I had to pick the lock and enter. I am sorry.” he said.


“But why do you care? Because last time I checked you were Crystal’s boyfriend” I asked and shifted away from him. Who knows what this man is capable of?


He took a deep breath and asked, “Do you know my full name?”


“No, but how is it relevant to my question?”


“My name is Brandon Reed.” he said, putting more emphasis on Reed.


“Wait, Reed as in Crystal Reed?” I asked and he nodded. Oh shit. He-he is…


“Y-You are C-Crystal’s Brother?” I asked and he nodded again. “Oh God. I am so sorry Mr. Reed. Oh god, and I slapped you when I thought that you were cheating on her.”


I stood up and started pacing around. I am gonna loose my job.


“It’s okay. You didn’t know. But now that you do, my offer still stands. Will you go on a date with me?”

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