Making Her Remeber(TTS#1)

Time Travelling Series #1

Learn what happens when you travel through time and one of your silly choices, erases you from the essence of this world.

Meet Ember Costello, the under-dog fashion designer. She is sweet, polite and gentle but get on her bad side and you see how much of a sweet she can be.

Meet Brandon Reed, owner of the Reed Enterprises but his sole focus is finding the girl he lost and make her remember about herself.

Cover credits to @LaurelGeni (Thank you and sorry for the trouble.) (From Wattpad)


4. 3

“How-Why-When, what is happening?” I just lost my ability to form coherent sentences. For the past ten minutes I have been speaking gibberish.


“Calm down, Ems. It is alright. We will explain everything to you just take a deep breath and let it all out.” Max said and I followed his command.


“Okay, now I am all fine. So Geraldine, last time I checked Amelia didn’t have a twin.” I said and gave her a scrutinizing glare.


“I know that. So, what I am about to tell you, you mustn’t tell anyone else. I actually know all of you. Especially you Sylvia. You are a legend, an idol where I come from. People look up to you, even I do. My whole life, I saw you as my role model. I want to be just like you.” she looked at awe at me and smiled.


“Wait, wait wait. Sylvia? Who the hell is this Sylvia? First Brandon and now you? What the fuck is this? Am I in a reality show? Am I getting cat-fished here?” I stood up from my seat and yelled at Geraldine.


She stood up as well and walked towards me with her hands in front of her as if I was a wild animal. To be honest, at this stage I might as well resemble an animal.


“You don’t remember yet? Wait, what time is it?” she asked suddenly and I gave her a confused look.


“It is 8:25 PM. Why?”


“And what day is it?”


“Monday?” I answered.


“Ughh, Date and Year.” she asked annoyed.


“1st October, 2018.”


“Shit, I am in the wrong time. I was supposed to land in 14th March 2019. Oh, shit. Will this disrupt the time-line? Ughh, I should have read the whole biography first….” she continued rambling off and we all gave her confusing looks. Then suddenly she stopped and looked sheepishly at us.


“I am so sorry guys. I am not supposed to be here for another 4 months. But I do have a parting gift for all of you.” her eyes gleamed but we stood silent and looked at each other, trying to get our minds around what was happening and what was she rambling on about. She pulled something out of her pocket and showed it to us.


“Now, this an intense memoria remotionem, this will remove this certain meeting and everything that I said, if I do this correctly. But I do hope that we all will meet again and then maybe I would be able to tell you the truth. Please forgive me.” she said and then suddenly a white bright light blinded our visions and we all stumbled back.


Slowly, we were slipping back to unconsciousness but not before I heard her saying, “I really do hope, you and Brandon work everything out. I hated when Matt died in front of me and I wished to have him back. Don’t let him go. Okay Sylvia?” with that I drifted into a dark abyss.


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