He was going to ask her, his girlfriend. And why wouldn't he? I just couldn't watch it happen.



Sun rays beamed against my hair as the slight wind blew strands of its bronze color in random directions. I was standing in a group of people, including my extremely close friend David, Sam, one of my main girl friends; Amanda, and her friend Allie, along with some other people clustered together. As we all stood there talking I began to zone out and flashed back to a memory that had occurred only a week prior.



I couldn’t believe I had agreed to facetime him after everything he’s done. But I just can’t hate him. He looked at me cockily as usual. “so do you like anyone? I know I ask this question every time we become friends again but I guess I’m making it a tradition.” He says, while keeping eye contact with me. “Yeah, I do.” Is all I say as I turn away from his gaze confidently. “It’s not like I really care though,” I say as I slightly laugh; “Homecoming is a couple weeks away and I’ve come to the realization that this dance is going to end up like all the rest.” He gives me a look that I’ve totally seen before. It’s the “you’re fucking beautiful, don’t say that” look. Although, I couldn’t imagine why he’d be giving me that look considering we’ve been broken up for a year, not to mention his crazy overprotective girlfriend. So I just bit my lip and said nothing.


“Dani!!” David screams, and I snap back to reality. “Having sex fantasies again Dani?” My friend Sam teases. “Not hardly.” I reply. “Oh come on. We all know you do, and they are obviously about me.” He cockily says while smiling his usual maniacal smile. “You wish.” I remark.


Then I saw him.

His auburn hair shined it’s ginger color as the sunlight hit the top. He walked in that confident way he always did... As if he was on top of the world. As if, this world he was on top; he owned. And in a way he did. He laughed with his friends, and the way he ran his hand through his hair made me weak. It always has. His emerald green eyes lit up with every smile he configured and showed off, along with his blinding white teeth that made you speechless with every smirk. Freckles lined his face, and the pink undertones of his cheek reminded you of the blush of someone so madly in love. I’d memorized everything about him.. And everything about him was beautiful.


He was walking towards our group with a few of his friends including Corey, Payton, and Peter. As they approached I try to pretend I didn’t get nervous when he was around me. Of course he was walking over here. His girlfriend Allie was here. Corey approaches Amanda and speaks the words I’m sure she’s been dying to hear from her dear boyfriend Corey; “Will you go to homecoming with me?”


Amanda makes a freaking out happy face as she turns to me. I smile at her and she turns back to face him. “Yes I will you dork.” She says and they both smile as he begins to hold her hand. That’s when I knew what was happening. They all came over to do the big homecoming ask. Which once I realized, I got significantly sadder.

Payton approaches Sam. Him and David look straight at me as Sam has the look in his eyes that says “help me.” We all knew Payton was crazy and has liked Sam since last year. “Sam will you be my date to homecoming?” she asks, and Sam begins to look quite panicked. “Uh.. erm.. um.. sureee?” he replies and David elbows him in the gut. I couldn’t hold back my giggling. After that I knew what was coming next, and I didn’t want to see him ask her.

As I began to walk away, his mood shifted. I could feel the wave of sadness that he exposed when I turned away. I let myself think for a second that he actually cared. Then I let the thought die. Until I heard the familiar voice I’d know anywhere. A voice I knew extremely too well.

“Dani, wait.” He says, almost panicked; as of he had been holding so much in and couldn’t take it anymore. I slowly turned around to face him, and walked two steps closer to where he stood. Our eyes met, and he began to examine my expression. I couldn’t help but trace all the details of his smile, as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Will you go to homecoming with me?” He speaks, almost relieved, but also nervous. His words echoed throughout my head. At first I didn’t realize what he had said. In fact I was almost positive I had imagined it. Allie’s face faded as everyone in the group’s mouths dropped in shock. I could feel myself choking up while my face felt hotter by the second.


“Yes.” I almost whisper while smiling and puffing a sigh of what seemed like relief and joy. Allie turns around and is soon gossiping with Amanda. I stand there and feel my whole body melting. I’m still trying to process. “Amazing. I can’t wait.” He tells me as he smiles, winks jokingly and walks away. David and Sam both look at me in bafflement, and I attempt to pull myself together.


Damn that boy would look good in a leather jacket.





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