Crimson Dawn

A story of Love, Betrayal and Power. Which one will win? Or Will any?

She lived a simple life with family and friends in a dreadful place, despite complains she was content, but never satisfied. She loved dreams and adventures but little did she know that her life she believed to be her's were never real to begin with.

He lived his whole life satisfying his father, never to reveal himself. But he was to succeed the throne. Despite fulfilling the expectations of an ideal son, brother and prince. It was never enough.

When their path crosses, the things they thought would matter were left dull to the real truth they were hidden from.

Author's note

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1. Chapter One

Scrambling through the crowds is as easy as drinking water for me. I guess growing in slums makes you fast, swift and easy to mix into people, not to forget steal. Maybe calling in slum is a bit offensive to people who live in it. But, I have no better way to describe it. Living in half the house, not enough food for the next month, not enough products for winter, not even enough stable jobs to do.  Despite the fact, my family is well off now; I cannot say the same about before. Though who am I to complain because almost all of people like us suffer from the same ‘fact’. We are called Obscur ( In Dark). The lowest of the low. Why? Nothing much except for our eyes or that’s what I think. At least out in the vast sea no one’s there to judge you.

Our society is divided in a very basic and simple human form, Luxes and Obscurs. Most visible difference between us is only our eyes. Luxes (In Light) have star-eyes. Eyes that shine like stars, glowing like gem stones. They say that they also possess some powers, though I never seen any and I’ve seen very less of anything outside my small world. They are the holders of most powers in our country; royals, nobler, lords, business holders etc. In simple they rule over us in every form. While us Obscurs possess nothing in any form except our brain as per to them. We don’t have eyes for a light bulb, nor powers. I personally think that we are smarter than those freaks cause they are dumb. Stealing and fooling them is easy or maybe they just don’t care for a few silver coins. We do everything for them though. From creating their transports, machines, devices to their jewelry, dresses and products, even food. They just buy it from us in the cheapest way possible while we never even get to try or even taste what they buy from us. We just lose ourselves in their eyes that look like glowing stars. I admit they are beautiful, sometimes it makes me want to steal them. Obviously it would end up disgusting. Despite their gorgeous looks; their nature is crude and nasty. As for us we are simple in every feature and nature possible, eyes that are normal and doesn’t shine, rough hair from years of hard jobs and bad water, rough hands from overwork and tired minds. We don’t have time to look ourselves in the mirrors or tidy ourselves up. We prefer simple cloths easy to work in and equipment which might help us from dying in our dangerous work.

Most Obscurs cut their hair in simpler and shorter style which would help in their works, as for me I kept it pretty long. Not because I don’t have any particular work or job or even that I like it but I did it for my brothers. My life belongs to my twin brothers alone. They saved my life when I was 12 years about to be captured for stealing and it caused them their life. Despite Jade and Sade are only 3 years older than me, they were sent to war in the south. They looked the same to everyone even my mom couldn’t differ them sometime which might have helped them trick people. But not me, I could always separate them even if they wore everything same. But when I was very small I use to separate them with their eyes. They have heteroclite eyes causing their eyes to have different colours. Jade has turquoise in left eye from dad and emerald in other from mom while Sade has emerald in left and turquoise in other. Most people can’t differentiate between the colours but I always can. I am the only one in the family with crimson hair or something between black and red which I don’t know why. Dad said that there was some aunt of his who had something similar to it too. My mom probably don’t like it though I think, she once said it reminds her of blood. My brothers loved it, they told me once when I was very small that it reminds them of twilight and dawn and that it would be a pity to cut it. And so I ended up have 2 and 1/2 foot long hair. I do trim it from time to time. Though I have to hide it under my hood as it attracts too much attention. For some reason, there are no red haired Obscurs that I have ever seen. Not that I have seen much of anything except my own town. Aster, a city built of glass and energy beside the sea that shines like a star. I live in a town by the side of coast known as Gemer, the Obscur town named after our basic work. Gemer is a town filled with mostly gem collectors and creators. They sail to the sea, mountains, and islands and find beautiful gems that would suit the Luxes. Creators make use of such fancy gems and turn silk into gorgeous attires, metals into jewels, dust other products for the Luxes. My family is no different. My mom is one of the great creators here. She is the only one who works on both jewels and attires. Maybe that’s why we don’t starve anymore. My dad is a gem collector or more like was. An accident while collection gem in the mountains caused him some massive injuries and he is not allowed to make strong movement again for it may cost his life. Now I carry the burden and he helps out mom. I work in the Rift, the coastal land solely based on collectors divided into 1) Sea collectors which I belong to, 2) Mountain collectors and 3) Gem sellers known as Rift Collectors. Not to boast but I am one of the best swimmer in the crew. Mom never allowed me to the mountain crew anyway. I didn’t like it much either, my peace is under water after all.

“Grenat, Nat! Where are you babe? Lost in thought in your red bloody mind. ”

My best friend or more like rival as kids, Khion Caelum. Most annoying creature on earth with light brown hair and sharp feature combined with dark blue eyes from his mother or so I heard. He is 4 months older than me but acts like my guardian. For some reason my entire family likes him more than me, even mom. His parents died in the war, he was son of a solider family and even his mother was in the navy. He now lives with his uncle who is captain in our crew, an injured ex-navy. Though I hate to admit it. I may be the best diver but Khion is one hell of a sailor.

“Last time I remember you told me that you were almost shark food. You wanna be eel food today?”

“Woo, scary. You were the one lost in thought Nat, not my fault. Cap’s calling you. Time to dive, baby!”

“Just can you not call me that? It’s super annoying and lame.”

“But Nat, you are a shorty baby to me.”

“Your only 5.8, Khion. Stop boasting about it. Don’t forget you always use to lose to me back in school cause of your height in basketball.”

“You use to trick me and used your rubber body to ditch me. Fine, I won’t call you baby but let compete when we swim. First to collect more gems wins, and all the gems are winner’s”

“Heh! You sure you’re betting on that? Don’t cry to me when you lose, Khion.”

“Never getting over your stupid kid’s bickering. Go do it underwater and bring me some gem. I ain’t got time for your stupidity. Get along with it. I know you two are one of our best but don’t die on me, nor will I tolerate anything less than 5 gems.”


Just as our voice echoed, we jumped in the ocean’s blue water. The moment the water hit my face, I could almost smile. The Luxes may need diving box to swim deep but for me its kid’s game. A thousand meter is simple for me. But for collecting gem we have to dive more than that which can be quite dangerous without diving equipment. Most dive with just breathing equips but I prefer to dive free and stupid Khion follows. It even slows him down more but he’s stupid, right? Just under the underwater rift are the dead volcanic holes, they are big enough to swim through but not enough for machines. A diving bot follows us while we dive for gems, carrying breathing equipment and gem holder box. It can’t get past the volcanic holes and that’s where ours mission starts. Finding the right hole is easy despite the holes being pitch black but getting the gems out of the rocks inside them is one hell of a job. We are not rich enough for drillers and so we utilize. We break the entire portion of rock containing the gems. One may hold more than 2 or more gems. Once we collect enough we can carry, we swim back up. Getting out is harder than getting in. The low amount of light and heavy rocks is a massive disadvantage while swimming out of the hole. The small holes are only enough for us to get out but not with the gem rocks. So, we give the gem rocks to the bot and swim out. Gems are after all more important than lives. They are the next day’s food. We dive for about 2 hours continuous, sometime if the gems are not enough, we dive again after 1 hour break. Today, it’s jackpot. My hole was filled with them. I am so winning today, but then again don’t I always. By the time I am done, Khion is still under water. I made a jackpot of 20 gems. As I break the gems out of rock, Khion is also done. He’s not sure of how many he picked. Seem like he encountered an eel hole again. As I said, stupid.

“Bloody hole! Almost died in there.”

“Eel hole again, Khion?”

“Hell hole, more like it. Why the heck they stay in a volcanic hole anyway? Can’t they just stay in the mountain rocks or over rifts.”

“Only if you paid attention in class. They hate light and their electric body likes smoke rocks and slimy place. Volcanic holes are filled in smoke rocks and they are damp.”

“Why the heck are you never stuck in one of those hell holes?”

“Cause I am not stupid.”

“Yea, yea, genius. How many did you hit?”

“Twenty, you?”

“Lemme count, One two…fifteen! …Shit”

“Ten’s mine.”


“Told you not to cry later.”

Whatever we find is divided into 3:2. The greater portion is taken by the diver and smaller portion is divided to the other crew. And in total today I get to take 20 home, I pitied Khion and gave up 3 gems to him. Least today mom won’t murder me with her mocking.

By the time I reach home, it’s almost evening. I am already hungry, dirty and need sleep. But, I will get neither of them if not for these gems. I may be a stealer but I still earn my food. Mom despise my stealing habit but we need money for dad’s medicines and to buy silk.


I never dare enter through the front door since mom redecorated the house with the store or she will make me clean the entire floor for dirtying it. Our house is quite large compared to other Obscurs. Mom has her own room and shop facing front for work right beside the living room which can also be called dining room. There is small stairs leading to 2 bed rooms and a store room sharing the main balcony. The larger room is mine or more like ours, me and my brothers used to use it. There is a small balcony by my bed, I used to see the sunrise with my brothers back when I was small, gossiping the whole night and sleep before mom came to wake us up. It’s just a memory now. The smaller room with the main balcony is my parent’s. Grandma sleeps into a tiny bedroom sharing mom’s balcony. She never stays in the house most of the time after Grandpa past way in the war way before I met him; she sells gems in the city and sometime stays there with her silk selling friends. Mom and grandma get along well but not exactly in a friendly manner, not after the incident with my brothers. Mom became distant with everyone after the incident with my brother and only dad can calm her down. I guess never underestimate old lovers. Granma said, mom was one of the most stubborn women she ever seen in Gemer and I agree with her in every way. As for my dad, fell head over heel for her when they were only 14. Mom made my dad wait 6 years before she said yes to him and married him instantly. Her stubbornness never went away but maybe love for my dad increased to a different level as well as for my brothers. I know she loves me too but after my brothers was taken for the war, she blames me for it and it is the truth too.



"Your home, Natty?”                                                                                                                                                     

Dad startled me. He always was one of those quite people who never made sound when moves. Despite our house completely filled with things, he never hit or knock-down anything and always walked quietly and is slow enough to be balanced. It was pure just bad luck when he got into the accident in the mountain collection. His calling my name in the cutest way never gets old. Since I was a baby, dad and my brothers always called me that. Dad invented it though since mom named me. Least that’s what I heard.  

“Yup, how’s your h..?”

“Healthy as a horse. Though I have a bit pain in the back.”

“Lemme guess, you were carrying the boxes again. Mom told you not do that right?”

“I can’t do anything with your ultra-super human mom. Only help in carrying and help make stuff to sell.”

“Dad, that’s more than enough. We have our own house, food to eat and healthy work. Don’t strain yourself in useless things. Are there anymore boxes?”

“Nah, all done and I’m fine. You tell, how was work? You didn’t get hurt right? Or maybe hit any of the eel or sharks or scratched in some rocks?”

“Daddy, I am cool and fine. Work was fine and I made a jackpot today. Twenty gems and counting.”

“Woah, how did you mange so many? Obviously captain wouldn’t let you have so many or did you find too many or maybe you bet on something ‘again’?”

“Right! Stupid Khion made a bet with me that who gets more gem wins and winner gets all of the gems. I found twenty and Khion fifteen. I gave his 3 gems though out of sympathy.”

“More like to criticize. He’s eating with us, I presume?”

“Probably as Captain in going to stay in Base and Khion cooks better than even mom. I guess staying alone helps you. Speaking of mom, where is she? House is too quiet, is she out?”

“Yea, she went out with your Grandma for supplies.”

“Grandma came?! I didn’t even get to meet her.”

“They’re probably coming back today. From tomorrow is holiday after all. From holiday, I almost forgot, you got letters from your brothers. They are in your room.”

“Letters from them?! Talk to you later, dad”

“You love them too much, don’t you? Haha.”

“I love you too.”

By the time dad finished his laugh, I was almost to second floor and to my room. The letter was right on top of my table. They always sent 2 individual letters. One for everyone else and one for me alone. I loved the feeling of being special to them alone. Their letter smelled of smoke which always disturbed me but I was always happy it never smelled of blood. The letters of the Obscur soldiers in the war were always sealed in a different way. Black seal and post box written in red. Lucky that there is again two letters from both of them which means they are still good and safe. I would hate them to be any trouble. I know they are smart and clever to dodge trouble at time as they always did. I learned all my tricks from them after all but we are talking about a war zone here. Nothing is safe there. If something were to happen to them, I doubt I can ever forgive myself.  

I opened the first letter of Jade,

21th Nov, 450NE                   

4/A Gemer, Aster City. Aquestria

Dear Natty,

I know, I know, you love me. I love you too. Everything’s pretty cool here. Luckily, I got a fair job in the headquarters. Lame, but safe land is best, right? I don’t know where Sade’s but surely he is safe too. News between soldiers is easy but I heard he went to the Air-quarters. It’s hard to contact from there. He should be in trainings now. You’ll get his letter too. The war is quite for the time being. Not that some Luxes stopped being bothersome but it seems to cool down a bit.

Enough about us and bloody war. I hope, you’re still alive in the rift. The job is hard, I know but I also know how strong and smartass you are. You can do anything whenever you want. Your stealing habit is bad and hopefully it stopped but I know you did it all for us. Natty, you have a life too. Live it your way, you can support yourself now. It’s close to four years now; you don’t have to pay back for an accident.

Anyway, take care and stay out of trouble. Take care of dad and mom too. I know you don’t get along with her much but she loved you as much and you know it. I hope Khion is still alive to keep up with your tantrums. I’ll hopefully be back by the holidays, finally. Keep shining Nat, you are a Spark and you better remember it.

You’re Jade of Eye.

5th Zone, Headquarters – 04, Aridus.

As always, the letter’s all about the actual situation and more about me. But most of all, they are the only words to keeps me moving. I can’t wait to see them for holiday. Finally after four years, they’ll be back home with me, us. I heard people who are still growing change within days. I wonder if they changed. I certainly changed and got weirder. But I’m sure they turned out to me more handsome. With their killer eyes and features following dad’s. They’d probably make the girls cry. Hopefully, war didn’t get to them and they are still fit. I look lot older now though, will they even recognize me? While thinking such useless things, I opened Sade’s letter which smelled smokier and of petrol.

19th Nov, 450NE

4/A Gemer, Aster City. Aquestria

My Natty Baby,

I’m well. It’s been hard to send letters from here. I’m sure you got Jade’s letter. He’s one hell of a lucky dog. It’s hard here but as always I’m a genius, right? Oh, and I got a promotion to Air Base-Surge. In training now for flight, but not sure how long. The war looks to have cooled down but who knows when some of those creepy Luxes raise it again. Anyway, I’m good. I heard a little about your rift dives. Someone from the rift joined last week. You made quite a name for yourself, girl. I don’t have to say I am proud of you. You know me too well already but take care. I don wanna see my girl get eaten my shark nor eel. Heh!

Mom’s still cranky, huh? She’ll be fine soon. Three years gone already and I don’t think you need to push yourself either. Let go Natty and relax once in a while. You are too small for so much brain work. You need time out too. I am not sure about getting back in the international holidays. Training crew never gets any freedom here. But, I promise you this, I’ll try.

Stay alive and hopefully I don’t have to knock any guy on your behalf when I get back. Khion’s not bothering you too much, right? If so, hit him your way. It hurts badly, I know it too well. Heh! Can’t write more, tired and need sleep. Love ya and always spark like the dawn.

Your Sexy Sade!                                                                                      

4th Zone, Air-quaters 01, Surge.

Sade’s always been the trouble maker and probably the best trickster alive. His words are the best which gives all the confidence for anything. Though I can never be a trouble maker as good as him. He didn’t like Khion much back in days because he lost to him in one of the matches in school. I miss their secret plans to trick Khion at night. Their weird jokes, secret whispers were like buzz to my ears. Now without them, everything is as quite as if they were never there. Now, all I live by are these letters from my foolish yet clever twin brothers.

As I drift away in my nightmares, I hear someone opening the main door. It would only mean mom and grandma is back. In my nightmare, I go through all the painful memories repeatedly but they seem to guide me somewhere but I never know where. I don’t know if an hour or two passes by the time I woke up to someone knocking on my door. I slowly turn and see mom, just standing by the door. I jerk up and almost fall from my bed. She holds out a hand to ease me up. Mom never comes to my room so quietly. Either she needs me to run an errand or scold me for doing something stupid. I wonder which it is this time. I am too tired for any of it, so I’ll probably ignore her after she leaves. But, rather than saying anything, she just quietly enters my room staring at the interiors. For a moment I think, she would go for my brother’s bed but she comes toward mine and sits just by the edge of the bed. It almost shocks me; she didn’t do this for years now. I don’t even remember when she last came to my side or even sat by me. After sitting by my bed, she quietly looks through the books my brothers collected for me. Back when we were small my brothers would trick people and bring books that were sent for selling from the old libraries and ask our mom to read them to us, in the end they would always end up in my shelves. I still remember our mom reading them to us by the balcony all cozy around her. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight by the fireplace. I would always stare at her shining black hair that looked silver in the moon, never paying attention to the stories. She still looks as refines as ever, old but polished blue dress and black jacket with matching earing my dad once gave her to match her hair, clean cut string hair tidy with a clip, never off the pitch. Yet if someone looks closely throughout the time, the years of worries and age took its toll on her, her black hair has grey lines by the end and her refinement looks tired now. By the time I finish my stares on her, her attention comes toward me from my books. For the first time in four years, she softly smiles at me. It doesn’t shock me rather I fight the urge to cry or flinch. Before I can react, she comes close to me.

“You look tired, was work tough today?”

“…Um…No. It was fine, I collected more gems today, enough for the holidays. You won’t have any problem this time.”

“…Hm… I didn’t mean that though. But thank you. It is after all because of you we are in such good shape now.”

“Oh…yea, um…thank you but it’s mostly all you. How was Aster? Are you…okay, mum?”

I flinch at myself, I haven’t called her ‘mum’ for a long time. I guess her weird behavior took its toll on me too. She shows me the smile I almost died to see for so long.

“Good. Aster was fine except for the Lux’s annoyance. For some reason checkpoints increased. Anyway, it seems disturbing for you that I am here, is it?”

“Wha, What! No! I am just surprised because you never come talk to me and I thought you hate me. Of Couse, I love it that you finally came to talk to me. I can never be disturbed by you.”

Well done Grenat! You spilled everything in single blow on her face like the idiot you are. She’ll back out now with her permanent ego and mood. But, she chuckles gently embarrassing me.

“Let me tell you something. I don’t hate you, Grenat. I never did. I just hated myself for not being the one to save you that day. I hated not being able to save your brothers and for blaming you for it.”

“But, it was because of me. If I wasn’t a fool who would sneak up to an officer then none of this would have happened. Despite your warning, I went to mess with those creeps and lost everything that I hold dare, you, Jade, Sade and all of the love.”

By the time I finish resenting myself, she gently grazes my cheek to wipe something. I realize I am crying. I haven’t cried since the day my brothers were sent to war.

“You never lost me, love. True, you were never one to listen to warning but it was never entirely your fault. I panicked and couldn’t do anything. Not to forget, you only did it to us from our helpless situation. You were only 12 and what you tried to do was in truth bravery to any smart man’s eye. Luxes never liked brave Obscurs and they try to destroy them. You still survived and so did your brothers despite their best effort to remove them for daring to saving you. And I think there is nothing to regret over that anymore.”

“Are you serious, mum? Is everything you said, you mean it? I mean, to be honest, suddenly you…seem different.”

“I can’t deny it. But it’s probably because of your brothers. Did you get their letters?”

“I did, it’s the usual things. Their positions, situation, regular jokes, asking about me and stuff.”

“Want to look at mine? It seems your brothers specialized me as well this time, sending me a separately as well.”

She pulled out two opened letter from her jacket’s pocket. By the look of it, I recognized which one is whose. I close up to her as she reads out the letters showing it to me. First she opened Jade’s letter as we all do for some reason.

21th Nov, 450NE                   

4/A Gemer, Aster City. Aquestria

Dear Mommy,

How are you? Surely you’re taking care of yourself. Don’t be careless like dad. I am good. I got a fair job in the headquarters. I’ll probably be back for the holidays this time as I am not in war zone anymore. Hopefully Sade’ll get it this time too. Don’t worry.

Listen mom, you should talk to Natty. She is all alone now that we left and it’s been almost four years. I know you guys are still all on edge and fight. But then again, you love her, right? Leave all this shit behind now. Our baby sister is a copy of you, she’s as hard as you. You guys are after all the same in every way, all the same stubborn, slightly crude, too soft and too loving. Cool up, girls! I don’t want you guys to fight. Let me come back to our smartass strong family.

Love Jade!                                     5th Zone, Headquarters – 04, Aridus      

I don’t dare look up to mum’s face. I know we are the same and I know what she looks like because I probably look the same. Without a second word she open’s Sade’s letter.

19th Nov, 450NE

4/A Gemer, Aster City. Aquestria

Dear my Sexy Mom,

You earned the privilege of my utmost attention as you are turning into a grumpy still pretty bear. I love you too. I am cool as ever and got promoted to the Air base in Surge. Still in training though. It’s fun learning to drive a plane but tough schedule. I always fall asleep in the lectured. Don’t worry I won’t hit a plane. You probably won’t recognize me through all the muscles but again you’re super mom right?!  Anyway, the international holiday’s on fire this year as the war cooled up for now. I might get a chance, 60/40 chance, hoping for 60. :D

Now, I am sure my sweet smart ass sis is still all grumpy like you and ignores everything. I do feel for her, getting all our scolding by herself. Mom, give her a slack. She’s a kid anyway, smart one at that. She’ll be fine. You may think no one gets you but you made a guy wait for 6 years remember? Give the big guy timeout mom, he loves you two and surely he wants his darlings patched up. You guys are same from tip to toe. He loves you guys more just as we do. (I do more)

By the time I am back I need both my girls to give me a big gigantic smile. Love Mom!


4th Zone, Air-quaters – 01, Surge.     

By the time she is finished reading, I completely believe my brothers that we’re the same as we are now both flooding our face in a very nasty way. Sade did say thing’ll be fine. Never underestimate them. Even from there they never fail to surprise us. By the time Dad came up, we are already in each other arms letting everything out finally in four years. My mum’s refinement all gone, replaced my feelings as she moved to dad from me. Dad all the same takes her and me at the same time. (On my dad’s shirt though, through all these tears and snots. It’ll probably leave stains but who cares.) He doesn’t say a word and strongly holds us tightly until there was no tears left. He’s too tall for us both and I never licked it but I do now. It feels safe. After a while, grandma joins us gently sitting beside mum just holding her and my hand. Khion never came that night. Maybe that’s for the better convenient fate.

Mom will probably hold on to those letters just as I do. And I’ll probably remember this day till forever, 30th Nov 450NE(New Era). The day my finally was reborn again.



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