Just Pretending

When a killer steps out to replace a person dear to you. What will you do?

The princess of the underground went up to substitute her twin sister's absence aboveground. But because of this event, she will meet the people that will change herself unexpectedly the two gangs that cherishes her twin sister's very existence.


1. Prologue

Disposing emotions...

That's the number one rule of the underground survival. To tell the truth, I'm the third ranker in the battle ground and because of that, I have to fight once in two weeks, and no one surpasses me.

Who am I? I'm Zillarine Zephyr Villamorez. I have been staying in the underground for more than 8 years and I manage to get stronger and survived. This place is mortal hell. Once you lose, expect that you'll instantly go to the real hell. You can never escape to the arena of life.

In this place, everyone is a monster. Because once that you're not like everyone, then you don't belong here. This is where I lived. This is my home...

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