Letters to Chester

Just my feelings to Linkin Park told in someone else's POV; RIP Chester Bennington.


Author's note

To all those who need someone, who feel lost, or alone, hang on because one more light will come.

1. Music

Dear Chester,  


    I'm too late, I know I'm too late, but my heart is Heavy.​ Maybe I'm trying to save myself by being Numb​ but it's not working. I thought I could find Somewhere I Belong, but I'm almost to the point of ​Giving Up.

    Am I too weak? Or am I just Talking to Myself. ​Can you hear me Now? ​Can anyone hear me? Should I just ​Wait for the Light that Never comes? ​ No, I can't get my hopes up too high.

    Will anyone care if ​One More Light ​goes out? No, my mind is going to darker places right now, I need to stop. In The End ​...will I even matter? ​What I've Done ​to deserve this is...nothing. 

    Chester will you hold my hand? Will you tell me the truth? Are you hurting From The Inside ​as bad as I am? Or is it my eyes that deceive me from seeing the eternal sadness in your eyes, your music?

    I'm not sure if I'm lying to you, or Lying From you, but you stiil had some ​Roads Untraveled.  One day, ​The Castle of Glass ​will burn down, but it won't be enough to stop this New Divide.  

   I miss you Chester, I'm sorry.

   I will Live on for YOU, because you did matter, and I did hear you.

   Rest in peace, Laura Daphne


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