The Diary of An Average Princess

Alison is a name of German meaning “noble.” Well, she was anything from noble. Most called her Alana, which was Gaelic for “beautiful.” That she was. Her full name meant “Noble Beauty.” Alison Fairbairn was a Scottish princess of the medieval times. She was a rebel. She would often times dress as a commoner to escape the stress of palace life. And worst of all; she had been betrothed. It was an arranged marriage. Alison was outraged. So she ran away. Far away to London. There she went by Alana. And she fell in love with Prince James lll. Here is her story…

Author's note

This will have been my second story. I hope you enjoy this one as well! I shall try to update as often as possible.

1. 5.14.1543

Dear Diary,

My name is Alison Fairbairn. I am a princess of Scotland. I am to be the next heir to the throne. Many say that I am the fairest in the land. Even more fair than my mother herself! Many of the common folk call me Alana, meaning “Beauty.” Although my name Alison means “noble.” But the people know that is untrue. You see, I am a rebel. I hate the confines of palace life! I often times sneak away and dress as a commoner for many hours. No one truly seems to care if I leave the palace. Father is out fighting a war while mother is making deals with England. No one is here in Scotland to watch me. No one is here to control what I can and cannot do! I’ve often times thought about running away. But then I realized, how could I pull that off? They would send the royal guard. I wouldn’t get past the village before I was found and caught. Let me backup for a moment. My parents have me betrothed to the prince of England. Without my knowing! We are to be married by midnight of the Summer Solstice. We were betrothed on St. Valentines Day, so it must have been joyous, correct? Well that is where you are wrong. It was quite the opposite. My mother told me I needed to learn to run the country, to be a proper queen. But in reality, I’m Average. AndAverage Princess. I only have you to confide in. If my mother were to ever find this, I would be gone, and you would burn. I can’t let you leave my sight, not once. If I were to do so, someone would find you. And that is why I have this journal. To confide in, to worry to, to trust.

Mother is calling, so I must be gone! 

-Alison Fairbairn 

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