The Soul Barter

"The Soul Barterer is on their way and a crows been killed. There may be a line of oil against the window but your debt must be paid."
Delia will do anything to protect her sister, even give her soul to the Soul Barterer. But what she didn't factor into her plan was having to live with them, train with them and navigate the underwater war that seems to be brewing.
Her sister Kate, on the other hand, has to learn how to deal with Delia's sacrifice. That includes being protected by the elusive Pirates when she certainly doesn't want them.


Author's note

A rewrite of the first chapter length story I ever made. Updates every Thursday

1. Part One




Part One

“We were mortals once, even if we don't know what it felt like. Maybe we need humanity to embrace what creatures we are.” – Practitioner writ.


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