Velia Samson and The Silver Rings

'Velia Sampson goes to Hogwarts in 2022, in the same year as Scorpius Malfoy. Her constant bullying by Purebloods leads her to uncover many secrets about the past, and suspicious things happening in the present. Along the way she encounters mysterious goings-on and gets wrapped up in Scorpius Malfoys business, which is more than a little suspect. Will she find out what's going on, or be thwarted by people who don't want Muggle-borns at Hogwarts?'

This fanfiction follows the story of a new character I created. There will be ordinary lessons and events at Hogwarts, Quidditch, secret rooms, time-travelling, mudblood related happenings, romance, and silver Slytherin rings!

A/N - This is NOT CANON with The cursed Child!

**I try to update every week**

Original Illustrations by me, Jasmine Green © 2018

{I don’t own any of the places or names used in this text that are original to The Harry Potter series, they were written by JK Rowling}


1. Platform 9 And a Half


Velia Samson took a deep breath and thrust herself forward. Her feet were running across the platform, her hands pushing the large trolley, and her heart was beating fast. The barrier in front of her rushed towards her and she winced as she closed her eyes. 

The impact that would have come, didn't. A weird sensation came over her and immersed her in a tickling feeling, awkward but strangely pleasant. As quickly as it had hit her the feeling went and her body lurched forward. Even though she'd done this so many times before it was still a shock. Especially every time her eyes were met with the sight before her as she appeared in a completely different place. 

There was an enormous maroon coloured steam engine sitting in the station that had just materialised in front of her eyes. It was chucking out billows of white steam which was creating a dream-like quality to all the hustle and bustle that happened around it. People were standing, walking and running around the platform, talking, laughing and crying as parents sobbed goodbye to their children. Velia had already said goodbye to her parents who had just dropped her off at Kings Cross from the car. She didn't want to be included in any touching little farewell scene; she hated goodbyes. And anyway, her parents didn't really fit into that world, as they were just muggles. She always found herself very lucky to have magic, and to be able to be included in this secretive world, and of course to attend Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Velia finally moved from her stationary position, so other people could get through the barrier behind her. She gave a quick glance to the weathered sign hanging above the platform with the painted words 'Platform 9 ¾', and had her usual thought of 'why not and a ½, because surely the platform would be in the middle of 9 and 10?' Smiling to herself that she was in this special place again she brushed the silly thought from her mind and pushed her trolley down the platform. 

The birdcage balanced on the top of Velia's trolley was starting to shake as the small screech owl inside it commenced getting excited at all the life going on around it, screeching at passers-by and flapping its wings, maybe sensing all the magic around them. 

'Calm down Alfi' Velia affectionately shushed her owl and continued along the platform, passing carriage after carriage in search of her friends. She was reaching the end of the train when she heard a shout from behind, that she couldn't decipher over all the other noise. 

The person shouted again, 'Velly!' She heard it this time and turned around to see a girl with ruby red hair hurrying towards herIt was Ana, her best friend and confidant. She knew Velia hated being called Velly, but it was just her way of saying she's pleased to see her. She flung herself at Velia and gave her a hug so that she got a face full of that bright hair. 

'How are you then?' her best friend squealed with delight. 

'Ana hi! I'm okay. How was your holiday?' Velia smiled back knowing that she was bursting to tell her all about what had happened over the summer. 

The friends began to walk to the nearest train door while Ana reeled off the events she attended and the things she did, hardly stopping for breath. They unloaded their trunks and dragged them through the door into a compartment which only had two other people sitting in it. They then went back for their cat and owl who were both very happy to see each other as they were almost as firm friends as their owners. 

Pretty much as soon as the friends were seated the train gave the tell-tale signs of starting to move off from the platform. 

'Where are Layla and the others?' Ana said looking down at the thin gold watch on her wrist, referring to their other friends. 'It's just gone 11, I hope they're on the train.' Velia hoped so too, but for the first couple of hours, she was content to sit there with Ana and exchange stories of the holidays.  

'I'm starving!' Ana declared suddenly after having just finished retelling a time when she nearly, accidentally, used magic on her pets. 

'The trolley should be coming down soon, I'll go and grab something.' Velia mentioned standing up and taking her wizarding money out of her trunk. After establishing that Ana wanted a pumpkin pasty, liquorice wand and a cauldron cake, Velia made her way along the corridor of the train through carriages giving casual looks in the windows of compartments. She was keeping her eyes peeled for Layla who was maybe sitting with Caleb and Tally, their other friends. 

Suddenly one of the doors ahead of her opened and out came Blade Acutus, closely followed by Adrian Simons and Kerr Prone, three Slytherins who you wouldn't want to cross. Velia quickly flattened herself against the train corridors wall as they barged towards her. Blade, being so big, knocked her as he stormed past, and the others made a point of doing so too - no words were said, but Velia still felt hurt. She was also curious as to why Scorpius Malfoy wasn't with them, usually completing the quartet of pureblood-mania led bullies. 

She carried on down the train putting them from her mind and soon found the face of who she was looking for. 

Velia slid open the door and looked in saying, 'Layla! We thought you'd missed the train.' 

Layla turned her head, evidently pleased to see Velia and gave an awkward smile. The reason for her stiffness became evident as Velia saw who she was sharing the compartment with. There was Lysander Scamander, a strange boy with dirty blond hair; Pete Rushbrook, a small boy with several spots; and Toby Spheres, who was sitting next to Layla, gazing at her in admiration. 

'Err, Toby wanted me to sit next to him' she said as if to explain her strange choice in compartment companions. The look on her face made Velia know what to do; extract her friend from the awkward situation as soon as possible. 

'Layla, can you come and talk to us about the homework Professor Binns gave us? You know, the one about the rise and fall of the Scottish gobbstone club, and how they all got sent to Azkaban?' Velia told a clever lie, and Layla's eyes lit up with thanks. 

'Yes of course! Toby, I'll see you around school, I need to check that my essay's correct' Layla said, sarcasm and joy hardly being concealed from her voice. They heaved Layla's trunk out of the compartment, and Layla sighed with relief. 

'Thanks Velia, that was hell, but he made me promise last year that I would.' She laughed in her soft Scottish accent. 

'Guess he's still got a soft spot for you then' Velia teased her, knowing she was embarrassed by the idea, especially because Toby was 2 years younger than them. The two continued laughing and carried on in search of the snack trolley. 

Finally, up ahead they saw it, which was luckily still packed full of treats, being pushed slowly by a young man in smart conductor's uniform. It was well known that lots of the older, slightly vainerfemale students paid several visits to the trolley every year if not only to glimpse the man's handsome face, normally just ordering Pumpkin juice. Velia, of course, didn't partake in such nonsense but couldn't help seeing the appeal. 

'I'll have two pumpkin pasties, a cauldron cake, and two cups of juice please' Velia spoke to the Trolley man. He gathered the things together and Velia poked around in her purse for the money he said. Just as she was leaning over to pay and collect the items she saw behind the man a distinct blonde Slytherin. She suddenly had alarm bells in her head very much like when she met the other Slytherins earlier, but she really didn't want to run into Scorpius Malfoy. She could see he was already being his normal bullying self as he was with a small girl, who was also blonde, and it looked like she was upset, as she ran away with what looked like tears in her eyes. He too skulked off and Velia relaxed a little. She picked up the food and drink and smiled in thanks, now waiting for Layla to get hers. 

When they got back to the compartment, Ana practically pounced on the food, after she hugged and greeted Layla. 

'Velly, you forgot my liquorice!' She exclaimed, pulling a face of mock annoyance. 

'Oh yeah, sorry.' Velia replied. 'I must have got distracted'. 

'By the trolley guard?' Ana teased 'Ooh Velia's enamoured with the man who pushes the food trolley!' She made a swooning expression and clasped her hands together. Velia thought it was worth being friends with Ana if not only for the amusing faces she pulls. 

'Don't be silly!' Velia laughed along with her. 

Layla piped up, 'I think it was more a certain Slytherin on the prowl'. 

'Oh right, sorry Velly' Ana said, her face dropped to a serious one. 'Why do they pick on you so specifically, it's so rotten!' 

'Well, it's the whole Mudblood thing' Velia sarcastically posed. 

'But come on, it's 2022! You would have thought no one would care anymore' Layla sighed. 

'It's a surprise there's actually any purebloods still around. You know I'm a quarter Irish muggle?' Ana enthusiastically mentioned. She flicked her hair in a sort of celebratory way, obviously proud of her heritage. 

Layla rolled her eyes; the friends having heard her mention it many times before. 'Well, that's not where you get your red hair from'. 

'That's all dyed!' Velia said with relish, enjoying chatting with her friends after a long summer. 

'I know, and I'm so happy I can use magic to keep it red now instead' Ana said laughing along. 

'Knowing you it'll turn green instead!' Velia joked at her best friend, knowing that in some areas of magic she was quite clumsy and accident prone. The three friends laughed and carried on joking and talking for what would be the rest of the journey. 

Velia sighed in contentrejoicing in the fact that she was with them again, and that she was heading back to Hogwarts. 



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