The Wintry Wonderland

The animals are not expecting the hail but then it changes to snow, will the frosty weather stay forever?


1. The Wintry Wonderland

The ancient trees stretched over the wrinkly ground

Autumn red and brown leaves have fallen ready for winter


Scurrying squirrels search for food under bristles of wispy moss

trying to get ready for the first of the snowfall


A wild horse gallops on the hill in the night

Grey fluffy clouds are genies curling away from the storm to come


A soft sheet of snow covers the flank of the horse

like a piece of wet paper


Grass sticking up in a trance frozen from the chilly breeze

A soft rumble comes from the sky like a hungry tummy


The forest beckoned the horse into its pulsing woody heart

The horse stops galloping and looks up to the sky


Thunder clouds clap their hands

This was not the weather the animals had expected


Hails buckets down in golf ball sizes forcing the animals

to retreat to the undergrowth under the big beech colored oak trees


Glass breaking sounds fill the air as the hail

smashes from the sphere shape to cold mush


Suddenly the hail halts to a stop and snowflakes start dance

to the ground with their elegant patterns


Animals start to frolic in the first of the snow

cheerful in this change of weather


Dark gloomy forest is transformed into a lit white wonderland

Will the snow stay forever and trap the forest in this snowy white weather?


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