Lucy Hendricks has always been a bit rude. When tragedy strikes, her perspective changes and she finds a way to change.


1. On My Own

 Lucy Hendricks muttered to herself as she walked along the beach. It was just so unfair! Why did there have to be a war? Why did she have to get sent away? As she pondered these questions she thought about her best friend Olivia Minton. Olivia was being sent away too. Together they would get on a train and go to the countryside. She suddenly walked into something solid. She looked up. It was her front door. She was home. Her mother opened the door as a huge crash sounded in the distance. "What are you doing outside?" Her mother yelled. "I WAS ENJOYING MY HOME!" Lucy shouted back. "The war has started!" Her mother replied, dragging Lucy inside. Lucy pulled herself out of her mother's grasp and ran outside. "LUCY!" She shouted. Lucy just kept running. Lucy heard a bullet shot and a thump. She glanced behind her. She chocked back tears. It was her mother. Lucy knew she couldn't stop. She kept running, sobbing as she went. A man in front of her paused for a moment. Lucy barreled into and grabbed his sword. She sprinted all the way to the train station. The train was leaving. "WAIT!" Lucy shouted . The train didn't stop. Lucy had been left  behind. Her mother was gone, her best friend had just left on a train, and Lucy was all alone in the middle of a war. She paused sensing something. She put her hand on her sword. In one movement she turn around and disarmed a soldier. Lucy sprinted out of the train station and into the open. As she ran, she knew that she had a long journey ahead of her.

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