My friend the fox

My friend can turn into a fox after an incident that happened where he went to hospital and I didn't get to see him for a couple years.


1. The day the fox boy possesed my best friend

We never believed in ghost or spirits until the day we saw it, the ghost of a fox but it wasn't any fox it was a boy with fox ears and he would shapeshift. The boy went into my best friend and I didn't know what to do but I had to try and get the fox out he was making him tremble it looked like he was getting possessed by the fox and at that moment I knew that he was bow the fox boy...… 

10 years later.... We were only kids when that happened but since then there have been more and more people getting possessed at young ages and my bestfriend you know the fox boy like the one that possessed my other best friend... Well we are great friends and he hasn't left my side since the day he possessed my friend. He has always wanted to get out of his body but no matter what we tried it never worked. 5 years ago we went to a psychic and she told us that his ears will come back and we will have to hide them, well thats happened and he needs to hide them because every time a police officer sees him they have to lock him up. Possession is now illegal and if you get found to have possessed someone you get locked up. This also applies to the friends of the people who get possessed but ill tell you about that in a second..... 1...… well when your best friend gets possessed you gain a power different people means different powers. So far there has been about 2000 people discovered to have powers but this isn't about them its about me and Connor (the fox boy) and how we fight for the good and sometimes we do the wrong thing but we are only 16 and we are still young.

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