The Fallen Warrior

Nico is having trouble making friends but with a snap of his fingers he's got a best friend or girl friend?


1. Are You Ready?

Nico watched a Red haired fourteen year old girl Aim her arrow at the target. He didn't know her name but He'd seen her in dreams. 

Last night in his dream.

Nico stood next to the Red hair girl and a  boy older than her that must hair been her brother,he also saw a unfamiliar boy. They were surrounded by fire. The girl must have been eight or seven. She turn to him and said."He is coming." The ground shook and Hades came from the earth. "To finish this quest I need A soul from Eris' child. The Girl Shudders then whispered."I'll go." She step in front of Hades but has he shot a blast of fire from his hands Her brother step in front. The boy slammed into the ground as The girl ran to her brother shaking him desperately. She screamed her face streaming with tears.She looked at Nico and beg."Do something!" She clawed at the soul that followed Hades to the underworld.Trying to keep it from being lost.  The dream faded and Nico wiped the sweat from his head. 

end of dream

The Girl Let her arrow fly and it hit the target with deadly aiming. She spotted him and froze.

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