The Curse Of Neverland

Lilith Drake was a very sensible girl. She knew what was real and what wasn’t. Well, she thought she did. That was before a young boy flew through her bedroom window. Peter Pan was his name. He took Lilith and her brothers, Jacob and Ezra to Neverland, but Lilith could see past the beautiful façade. Neverland was dying, and Lilith was the one to save it. But if she did, she would put her entire family at risk. Peter found out, and tried to get her to stay. Will Lilith stay and protect a mythical place, or will she leave and save her brothers?

_~*Please note that this is my first story! Some chapters may be shorter than most, and I apologize. I sometimes run out of words to say. I really hope you like this story!*~_

1. I

Lilith was flying. She could touch the clouds, see the sparkling stars up close. She felt free. But something pulled her down, suffocating her. She felt like she was drowning. Everything was dark. And then, everything was blank...

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Lilith awoke with a jolt. She looked around and saw that her books and drawing pads were littering the floor. She let out a sigh of relief when her mother came in wearing a magnificent emerald cocktail dress. 

“Lilith, Darling. Your father and I are going to a party for a little while. Jacob and Ezra are asleep, just make sure nothing bad happens.” Her mother kissed the top of her head and left. Lilith heard the front door slam shut and the car engine starting. The girl looked over to the large clock on the wall, reading ten o’clock. I must have drifted off while reading, she concluded. She got up to fix the mess of books when she felt a cold breeze. Lilith noticed that her window was open. She went to close it, when a shadow came flying through. Lilith jumped back when another thing came through her window. It was a boy! A flying boy? The shadow and the boy wrestled while Lilith grabbed her brothers. By the time they came back, the boy had somehow attached the shadow to him. He then saw his audience.

“Well hello there! My name is Peter, Peter Pan. Who might you boys be?” Peter asked with a smile. Jacob and Ezra were all over him.

“I’m Jacob, and this is my little brother Ezra! Tell me, how did you do that with a shadow? I thought they were just outlines from light!” Jacob inquired, as he always did.

“How did you fly, mister?” Little Ezra commented. Peter laughed.

“Well, Ezra, that is an excellent question. You see, all you need is to think happy thoughts. They lift you up. And a little bit of pixie dust.” He winked. He stood up and walked towards Lilith.

“Who might you be, m’lady?” Peter shook her hand.

“I am Lilith, their sister. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Might I ask what you are doing here?” Lilith noticed Peter’s eyes instantly. They were a dark foresty green, with hints of violet woven in. They sparkled when she asked him a question.

“Well, I am from Neverland! Would you like to come with me on an incredible adventure?” The boys jumped up and down in joy, asking Peter to teach them to fly. He sprinkled gold dust on them, and Lilith watched them float up in her room. Peter looked at her.

“Would you like to fly away with me to Neverland, Miss Drake?” Lilith nodded while Peter sprinkled the dust on her. He held her hand as she floated up, smiling widely. 

“Here we go!” Peter Pan shouted, soaring out of the window. The three followed suit, laughing joyously as they touched the clouds. 

“Where do we go, Peter?” Jacob asked.

“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning!” Peter shouted back. He lifted higher into the sky towards the stars. Jacob was ordered to grab onto his ankle. Ezra and Lilith did the same thing. Peter smiled mischievously, and with a large burst of speed, he flew then to Neverland. As soon as he reached the mystical land, he slowed down for the Drake children. They looked at the beautiful island in awe. The water was as blue as a sapphire, and forests lush and green. There were mountains the size of skyscrapers, and the sky had stars that sparkled.  They started to decent towards a large tree. Peter landed and the children touched ground for the first time in a while. Lilith stared at the opening of the large tree.

“Follow me! I’ll show you where you will stay.” Peter led them to a series of rooms. Ezra and Jacob picked the smallest room and ran into it together, while Lilith chose a much larger room. Peter leaned on the door frame.

“This place is beautiful, Peter! I’ve only read about places like this in books.” Lilith smiled brightly at the boy. He smiled back.

“I’m glad you like it here. Maybe tomorrow, once you get sleep, of course, I could show you around the island.” He suggested. Lilith groaned a little.

“Will there be flying involved?” Lilith asked, hoping he said no.

“Maybe a little,” He laughed at her. 


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