The hunger games: the next generation

The 1st part of the series hope you like it!


1. you are my mission

I took out my bow placing the arrow in carefully. I took a breath in before breathing out.

The deer stood taking sips of water.

The water rippled as we made no sound. I let go.

The arrow flew before hitting the deer, like a cat just caught it's mouse.

"You're first deer well done el" said katniss

"Thanks mum I can't wait to tell dad and gale!"

Gale my best friend he taught me how to hunt just like he taught my mum, I've been hunting since I was 12 years old I'm 17 now.

"Hey dad I caught my first deer today"

"Wow really?"


I walked over to peeta hugging him since I haven't seen him all day

"It's the reaping today what If I get picked?"

"Ella I wanna protect you from everything you are my mission to keep you safe I will try and get you out of the games even if my name isn't in that bowl any other years..."

He always knows how to comfort me.

"I love you dad"

"You too el"

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