Stumbling upon Memories

Valentines day competition task 1 - Write about getting over someone/past love.
This poem was written a few years ago when I was remembering a past love.


1. Stumbling upon memories




Stumbling upon memories

Beneath the thicket

that i tread with cumbersome boots

the weight of years.


long forgotten

only glimpsed,

When I bowed to the trees

as I left the concrete

behind me;


ahead of me; nature.


Every whistle, every whine

of the earth gods remind me

every piece, every petal

of the beauty reminds me

every blade, every bramble

of the undergrowth reminds me.


These same footprints

he filled

these same skies he looked on.


And from nowhere he appears

and plucks a daffodil

stark yellow against the purple of cold,



My frozen fingertips searching for him,

his smirk

his hair of straw

his eyes


But my hands grasp on nothing

thin air

hopes that could never be.


Empty skies I now see

the beauty stripped


It rained

even when the heavens were closed

I left behind my dreams.


I turned my back

I rushed away

with a whip and a gust of wind

it flooded back;



And I never stumbled upon those memories again

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