Book Reviews Done By Yours Truly

I will do reviews that I can get to, meaning no red, yellow yes.
I will do then as first come first serve.
I will try to get them done as soon as possible.


2. Zandora´s Life- @Zandora Daughter Of Hades

Ok, so, to start off with-

      I really like the story plot! Honestly, I don't really know much about the Greek gods and that stuff, but you make it easy to imagine the underworld and the whole part about her having to keep her secrets. I also love the way that you explained the part about the fact that she was a demi-god in the beginning. 

      I love the way that you gave a little bit of her background in the first chapter too. I like the part about how she was making an alternate universe, also the way you compared the earth and the underworld. Now I want to see who ends up going with her. 

Pros- The creativeness, I love the fact that you took something, Greek mythology and made it your own. 

Cons- It is a little confusing, (But that is just me cuz I don´t know Greek mythology)

All in all, it is good and I want to see what happens next!!  

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