Ronald Potter and the Clash of Wills: Ronald Potter Year 4

The hunt for Darth Tenebrous is being enacted following the Battle of the Jedi Temple that devastated the ranks of the Jedi Order based on Coruscant. Finding a trail of juices that can apprehend him and prevent not only the capture and unspeakable mutation of Jedi Grandmaster Yoda but also the seduction of Darth Plageuis the Wise to evil, fourteen-year-old hero Ronald Potter swears to hunt him down and destroy him once and for all.

Meanwhile, his six-year-old brother Oliver Potter is psyched that he has transferred to the Jedi Temple in the first place. He didn't care that Ronald was already there, and he said he would be a problem. He was accepted in spite of his age for reasons even his parents are unaware of. He thought excitement awaited him, but Master Yoda, having evaded two imprisonment attempts already, says "in the theater you will enroll". With both commitments upon him, Oliver fears he will never live up to his family legacy, much less survive elementary school...


1. The Other Sith Lord

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Young Oliver Potter, protector of peace, stood ready to rumble! Forces of the dark side were upon him, and he was ready for war!

People marveled at the sight. He was fearless. He was invincible, whatever that meant. He was...


Oliver jolted.


His brother, Ronald Potter, was standing over him.

"Mom and Dad already have the landspeeder ready, and you haven't even gotten out of bed yet?"

"I'm drawing!" Oliver replied defensively.

"Ugh!" Ronald exclaimed, examining his surroundings. "You're barely even packed! I can't believe you're transferring to my school! You are the worst!"

Today was the day Ollie was headed to the Jedi Academy! He couldn't believe it. He was going to learn about cool things, like lightsabers and opening doors with the Force and stuff. He wondered what his lightsaber color would be. His clothes would flap in the wind. He would be an amazing Jedi!

He stumbled in on a conversation between Ron and his parents.

"...and Tenebrous, is he...?" Mrs. Potter cut off. Her voice was trembling.

"His capture or death means everything to the Republic," Ronald replied. "For information leading to either event, officials are offering 100 million credits. They just doubled it, in fact."

"Plus members of the Republic Fleet offered an additional 5 million credit reward."

"Intelligence officials assembled what they believed to be decisive evidence, from contemporary and subsequent interrogations and intercepted communications, that Tenebrous began a riot in a cave on Korriban. He had drawn the military there."

"Were they successful?"

"No idea."

"I will help find Tenebrous. No matter what it costs me."

Ollie gulped.

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