Inside the hospital

Taehyung and Jungkook are friends. They are gay. And they are in love with each other. But they get depressing news: Jungkook has a deadly illness. He can survive and he can die.


1. Too much sugar


Hey, Jungkook says when I open my door. Hey, I say with a smile. Jungkook is my good friend and right now we just want to hang out. We go to my living room. I have an idea, he says. Yes? I reply with an eyebrow raised. We can try to make a cake. Us? Make a cake? I ask. He laughs. We could try. Okay let´s do it, I finally agree. He smiles his cute bunny smile and my heart is melting. Okay, I admit it, I´m in love with him. But I don´t try to get him, because if he doesn´t like me back, it could ruin our friendship. Can you find a recipe? I ask. He nods and takes up his phone.

Half an hour later, we go to the supermarket, to buy the things we need. Jungkook is out of breath, even though we only walked a little bit. We not even walked fast. He walks slowly and has problems with the balance. Are you okay? I ask. He looks at me and forces a smile. Yeah, I´m fine, he answers. Are you sure? Yes, I´m sure. C´mon, let´s find the stuff. He starts to walk and I follow him. I worried. I doesn´t looks like he´s okay. I sigh and help him.

Back at my place, we begin baking the cake. I notice, that he needs to lean against the wall several times. Are you sure you are okay? Yes, I´m sure. Don´t you trust me? I let out a sigh. I trust you. But it just doesn´t looks that way. He also sighs. Okay, I could be better. Take my bed and rest. I will wake you up when the cake is baked. He shows a tired smile. Thank you. No problem, I say. Then, I take his hand and help him into my bed room. He lays on my bed and I sit on the edge of the bed. I sweep my hand over his for head.  He´s already asleep. I go out to the kitchen and put the cake in the oven.

When the cake is done, I take it out of the oven, and go into my bedroom to wake up Jungkook. Kookie? I whisper and carefully lay a hand on his arm. Kookie? Wake up. He slowly opens his eyes. Tae? he mumbles.  Yes, it´s me. I don´t know why I whisper. The cake is done. He tries to sit up, but falls back on the bed. He tries again, but still falls back.  Damn, he says and sounds annoyed. Don´t worry about that, I say. I´ll bring you a piece. Thank you, he mumbles.

When I come back, he doesn´t sit up yet. I give him his cake and we take a bite at the same time. Eww, I say and spit it out. It tastes terrible. He laughs. It´s awful, he says, and I nod. You´re right, I say. Did we forget something? I ask, trying to remember. I think, I came too much sugar in the dough, Jungkook admits. We both laugh. His eyes are almost closed and he looks tired. You should get some sleep, I say. He only nods. He lays down and closes his eyes. Sleep well, I whisper, and walk softly out of the door.

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