That Night

Three kids under the stars who just made a promise. What lies in their future is not what they expect.


1. That Night

All rights reserved

Copyright 2018

If any attempts to steal my work are seen please notify me immediately.

Now enjoy.


The three children were sitting next to a stream with the dazzling stars twinkling overhead. Then Daniel speaks as he looks up at the millions of stars in the sky." No matter what guys let's stay together forever, if we can't stay together lets at least promise to stay friends forever." Daniel shifts to wrap a hand around his friends that sit next to him on the damp log which was soaking into their clothes.

"I promise." Whispers Crystal as she lays her head on Alan's shoulder as she drifts off to sleep with the sound of water running near her.

" Ya let's stay friends forever, and let's stay together forever. After all, we are all family." Alan's lips formed a small smile as he went to shake Crystal awake. It was already late and Alan was sure that they were going to be scorned by their parents for hanging around by the river past dark. " Hey Crystal wake up we're going back." With no luck in waking her up, he lays her on the log and stands.

With a long stretch from both boys, they hoist Crystal onto Alans back. Just as they were about to walk away from the water a blur of black fur shot past them and Daniel was gone.

Alan dropped crystal on the ground with a soft thump and rushed in the direction he saw the blur go in.

By the edge of the river lay a puddle of crimson blood that ran into the water. Alan followed the trail and saw a small body not much bigger than his own lifeless and staring directly at him.

"What a delicious meal that was. I think I'll try you next." A sickly-sweet voice said from the unrecognizable body.

Without another thought, he grabbed Crystal's arms and flopped her onto his back.

His heart pounded in his chest the blood full of adrenaline as he ran as fast as he could back in the direction of his village.

The light of the fire was within view. He called out thankful that they were both alive.

A warm liquid ran down his neck onto his shirt, as he looked down there was blood running down his entire front.

Putting crystal down he realized she was a bit lighter than she had been previously in a circle at his feet were two arms and two legs laying on the ground separated from the body.

On one bloodied finger laid the ring that Daniel had made crystal when they were little.

As he readied himself to look at crystal her bloodied face appeared in front of his with a smile wide enough to rip the skin.

" that was a very good meal I believe the best should be saved for last." The voice now rang from crystals throat as she armlessly lunged for him with razor-sharp teeth.

Without as second though e ran as fast as he could tripping over rocks. Alan caught himself each time hearing the creature jumping in the trees overhead of him occasionally leaping for him.

He barely had time to catch himself before he ran into someone who he knew very well.

He looked into their face which was always caring but instead was dead and rotten, everyone's faces were rotten and lifeless.

They were surrounding him chanting "death on our killer." The little amount of light around him was fading into a welcoming blackness that took over his entire body until he fell unconscious.


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