1. kap 1

I walked down the stairs, so slowly. I was blocking all the traffic, and the other student was getting irritated, but I didn’t care. I wanted to bump into you, even though I knew I wouldn’t. I was to shy, wich was why I never got so far. I would just end up staring at you, when you would pass me by. Then I would continue my day, just like always. You wouldn’t have noticed me, and wouldn’t have interacted with you. I would be back to the beginning. You don’t know me, but I know you. I always have. Well too be honest, you used to know me. I still don’t know what happened. Did you get tired of me? Did I do something? Or was it something else? All I know is that you just stopped talking to me. Like I didn’t even matter. You broke my heart, and made my cry. I’m actually so stupid. I’m standing here, waiting for you and an explanation. I know wouldn’t get one. It would require, that I actually did bump into you, and than talked to you. I just really want you back. Even though you broke me in a thousand pieces. Even though everyone I care about says you’re not worth it. For me you are worth it. You must be. Because why would I stand here everyday, just to get a glance of you, If you weren’t worth it? It’s true that you made me cry for weeks, and me feel horrible. You were also the one who made me laugh for years. I cried for you because I love you, and I always will. You were my peanut butter and I was the jelly. You were the king and I you’re queen. You were my hero. My everything. You said you loved me. That we were perfect. That I was the donut and you were the coffee. So how could you just cut me out of your life? Like I was a nobody. Like you never cared. What made you do it? What made you quit us? It’s tearing me up, not to know. Not to know, how you could just leave without looking back. Without feeling anything. At first I was devastated, than mad, and now I’m just confused, I’m a mess. I been a mess ever since you left me. The only thing there is changed, is that I have learned to hide it now. Everyone had questions or comments, they thought they should share. I just couldn't handle people. So you just stated faking everything. My smile, my happiness, and no one noticed. I knew you would though, or the old you. You could always see right through me, like I was a piece of glass. You knew me better than anyone, even my own parents didn’t knew me, like you did. Just like you knew me, I knew you. I knew you better than anyone else. I knew everything about you. All the good and bad sides you had. Well i thought I knew everything. I would never in my wildest imagination, have guessed you would just cut me of. That’s why i don’t get anything right now. This is just not like you, at all.  


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