Project: Blacked Out

As the World proceed in to the cold era where there's no warmth for anyone. All that there is, are weaponry and means to defeat one another. To destroy, to conquer and to shed more blood.

A regular scientist, Earl Besmith realized this when it was too late to even undo what he'd just created!


1. Disclaimers.







This document you are reading is a secret property of government, a highly occult experiment…  The Nano-Technology. It’s not the kind of experiment you’d believe it would be, it so much more… with this technology in ones hand one could lay destruction and devastation to this world. But it’s also just not that, every action has its reaction. There are other forces which have diploid their secret agents as a spy in the government itself… just waiting for the right moment to strike the cord itself… 'To Destroy this Technology before it Gain Birth'  

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