Jena Dersley

Jena is the same age as Dudley and harry. She is strong about her opinion's. She someday have the best experience of her life.


1. Meeting higrid

  "Hey mom can me and harry go to my friend Wanda's" I said. I was eating at the moment.

  "Sure but why do you always want Harry to go with you" she asked.

  "Because I know that if he stays her then he will have to do your bidding" I said knowing that I was right. Me and harry stood up and walked outside. A owl landed on the roof and dropped two letters. One said Jena Dersley. The other said Harry Potter. I read mine out loud. After me and Harry stared at each other.

  "Hey mom can we spend the rest of the summer at Wanda's house" I said. "Without dudley."

  "Fine" mom said irritants. Me and Harry ran out the door and  ran into the big guy. 

  "I am Higrid keeper of eye at Hogwarts" he said. "I will help you get the stuff you need." 

  He got everything we needed. "Okay go to platform 9 3/4" said higrid.

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