To take away or not to take away

Funny poem


1. To take away or not take away

To take away or not

On the way home from the pub I said to my mate fancy some grub?

Let's go for ruby Murray, no way he said I hate curry

Chinese then a bit of crispy duck?

Oh no mate I don't eat that deep fried muck

How about BBQ ribs or some southern fried chicken a nice bit of finger licking,

last time I ate that it gave my arse a kicking

Can't go wrong with a mc ds or a Burger King?

That tastes like rubber and it's not my thing

Is there anything you would eat tonight? As I am getting so hungry and feeling light

Well I can't eat wheat I am glutin free and as it happens I am veggie

Oh back to mine for a bag of lettuce? Or is that to much for your poor appetite

Ok he said no need to bite, but it has gone passed midnight

So what I say I am starving to death,

if I eat to late it gives me bad breath!

So you don't do wheat you do meat and dairy is to harsh on your tummy I'll tell you what I am going for subway you go home to mummy

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