42 years of one party rule



1. 42 years of one party rule

42 years of one party rule your all the same red and blue

Fake promises and lies you course a divide in our land between all classes and the working man

Driven by your own ambitions and greed I doubt you in Westminster even know what it's like to need

I was born a child of thatchers rein the Iron Lady and the milk snatcher was another nickname

Thatcher broke the backs of miners Jon major was a sad old soul and and gave Edwina curry a sixty niner

Tony Blair with his cheesy grin took us to war on a whim it's after mouth is a war no one can win

then came brown a sexist clown who took us in to resection and through the towel in

followed by Cameron, and Not forgetting Clegg who promised to scrap uni fees was his line a lie from a liberal this time.

Cameron took over in full control and accidentally lost the euro poll so had to go I bet he his not on the doll

in steps May not everyone's cup of tea and not up for the job to put it frankly

maybe conbryn will be next, standing on a stage in Glastonbury fields jumping on grenfield tower disaster like a martar blaming the blue but weren't they built in 72! surely the red where in government before, that terrible fire that took so many lives. To use it as a publicity tool made me sick do you all think we are all thick!

maybe it's time for people to think that the main parties really do stink

And start a revolution and brake Westminster down and rebuild it for the people who graft and strive to survive. not for the red and blue and the privileged few, 42 years Of my life Ive listened to your droll I am done with the one party school!

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