Eating Our Hearts Out

Scotty Matthews is an alcoholic. He should be used to waking up miles away from his university with his memory wiped, but this time feels different. Sunlight stings his skin, he's got a strange wound on his neck, and he's suddenly hungrier than he's ever felt before. Worst of all, the hunger makes him feel violent. Violent enough to kill.

Scotty needs to know what's happened to him, but all his friends can tell him about the party is that they saw him with a girl- a beautiful blonde girl dressed all in black. Scotty tries to convince himself she was just another drunk student, but his symptoms force him to accept the far darker truth. She was a monster, and on the night they met, she turned him into a monster too.

He's in no condition to play the hero. If he wants to get his symptoms under control, he needs her help.


Author's note

Hello, reader!
This is a little trigger warning. "Eating Our Hearts Out" is a romantic vampire story, but there isn't any sparkling or ballroom dancing and the violence goes a heck of a lot further than a bit of vanilla stalking. This story's packed with gore, violence, pitch-black humour and profanity alongside subtle themes of alcoholism and drug addiction, and neither of my protagonists make particularly heroic decisions- calling them antiheroes is putting it lightly. If you're sensitive to any of the above, I'd recommend steering clear, but if it sounds like your kind of story, I hope you have fun reading! I massively appreciate comments, so if you'd like to leave me a bit of constructive criticism or (dare I say) a compliment, please feel free.
Jem :)
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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