Percabeth - Percy and I

When a new boy comes to town he gets everyone's attention, even mine. His name's Percy, and he's the schools hero. Then there's me, Annabeth, the school's biggest geek. I've only been in love once with Luke, but he betrayed me. Will I ever find true love again.


1. The New Boy

Annabeth’s POV


 I’ve been at this school for longer than I can remember.


There’s not many new students that enter our school, so when you hear news about a new boy, you are obviously going to jump out of your shoes in excitement.


Apparently, this new guy, Percy Jackson is going to enrol into this school today. All the girls say that he is bad boy supreme, all the boys say that he got kicked out of 6 different schools, I say: “This is all stupid.”


I’m like the complete opposite of this guy, I’m a know-it-all, geek, and I’m clumsy.


Who cares who this stupid Percy Jackson guy is, I don’t need to be more distracted than I already am.


I walk into Goode High School and made my way to my locker.


I heard whispers surrounding me coming from the direction of Rachel’s group which contained a bunch of idiots: Drew,

Reyna and Rachel herself.


They’re either talking about me or the mysterious Percy Jackson, all they ever talk about is boys, boys and more boys. It’s a waste of time, trust me, I should know, I had one. Biggest mistake of my life. His name was Luke, he was everything to me, apparently it wasn’t the same to him. He cheated on me with the one and only Rachel.


I will never be in love again… ever.


It was the first mistake I’ve ever made, and I’m not making it again.


Suddenly, interrupting my thoughts, someone tapped my shoulder.


I turned around as fast as I could expecting the worst, thankfully it was just Piper.


Piper has been my best friend since we were 7, the thing with her is that she has a whole girly girl side but she never tends to show it.


She at least still has a boyfriend: Jason.


At first I didn’t trust him, but he has turned out to be a really great guy.


“What’s up Piper?” I ask curiously.


“WHAT’S UP! What’s not up! A new guy is arriving at this school and apparently he’s really good looking.” She yelled while winking at me, I had to cover her mouth with my hand, I didn’t want her to wake up the other half of the world.


“I’m not interested, anyway don’t you already have a boyfriend?” I whisper, grabbing my books for history class.


“He’s not for me! He’s for you!” She pointed at me.


“Don’t want him or anyone.” I say looking away to the direction of her history classroom.


“Ok, but if you ever change your mind, call me.” Piper said winking at me again.


I rolled my eyes.


Then I heard gasps.


Yep, gasps the plural, the whole school looked like they just wet their pants. I turned my head to see what they were looking

at. Then I saw him.


I’ll never forget it, he was walking down the school hall. With jet black hair under his grey hoodie, mostly sticking out, his

beautiful sea green eyes were taking in his surroundings, he had his hands in his pocket in a nervous sort of way.


He looked in my direction and smiled, I tried to hide my blush and smiled back. I thought he was going to walk over here for a second but of course Rachel took him away.


“You must be Percy Jackson,” Rachel squealed “I’m Rachel, here let me show you to the office.”


Percy didn’t have time to reply when he got dragged off to the front office, he turned his head to look back at me, but I just focused back on my books.


No more boys! I thought to myself, I already made that mistake once!


I made my way towards class with Piper on my trail, I kept my head down. I can’t believe I blushed.


I never blush… ever!


What does this guy have on me?


What did you guys think of this? Please comment any feedback! Love you guys!



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