300 seconds

is it the end of the world? is it a alien invasion? is it a zombie apocalypse or is it he is waiting simply for a over due pizza delivery?


1. 300 seconds



The flicker from the swinging light bulb cast shadows dancing on the stone walls and concrete floor, it would be completley dark at times for short periods. This had been happening for several hours now, and the middle aged man sat at the desk in the centre of the room with the flickering light above which was all that was in this humid bunker. The "mans" legs bounced up and down, shaking, anxious, perspiration was more than apparent on his receding head, but also coming out of the pores in his hands, his shirt was drawn tight to his body with sweat, it was difficult to tell what colour it was now as it was drenched through. He wiped his brow and rubbed his hand down the unshaven stubble about his face.
The room went dark again as the light once again flickered out, leaving just an amber glow from the small button on the terminal in front of him. The only sound to be heard his heart beat!
The light came back. A single red phone was also in front of him, the man rolled and tapped his fingers on the desk his eyes constantly darting from the amber button and back to the red phone, his nerves began taking over and he began to mumble. Tears rippled from his eyes and joined the tracks of sweat already cascading down his cheeks. The room shuddered, a large crash and explosion rocked the room.
The desk jumped,
the light swang,
the man froze,
the phone rang!
the man lifted the receiver.
The voice on the other end said "you have 300 seconds"
The phone went dead,
the desk was still,
the man stared,
the light went out,
the amber button glowed!

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