Still loving You

A Ravenclaw girl falls in love with a Gryffindor legend. Harry Potter and Jessabella became friends as first years and now they are six years. Will Harry fall for Jessa or will Harry turn to Jessa's twin sister Hermione


1. Prolouge

They have known each other for seven years now. they never really told each other how they felt but they somehow just knew what each other was thinking. This is last year at Hogwarts and finally, the final year was starting. They were from two different houses but they would eventually fall in love with each other. The end of their Hogwarts career was near and yet Harry didn't know if he would remain in love with Hermione or fall for the girl he's dating. Jessabella

This is Why Harry, do you still love me. The epic story of Harry and Jessabella. The epic love story about a simple Ravenclaw and a famous Gryfindor. This is the epic love story about two lovers and what happens when their Hogwarts days are behind them. 

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