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  • Published: 19 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 19 Apr 2017
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You're cleaning out your attic one day and you find a box full of crystal balls. Each glass globe contains a single name. You break the glass globe on accident and immediatly a person appears. What happens next? Who is the person? Where do they take you and what do they say?


2. Last Rites

I wiped away my tears with Mother’s lace hankie. I kissed her forehead and left the room. Emetine, Amelia, Robert and John stood outside the door. They looked at me for more direction and Emetine gave me a hug. I stared back at Mother’s body and said without any emotion.

“Clean this place up, I want it spotless and boarded up by morning. Nobody shall ever enter this room ever again.”

“Yes milady. Do you need assistance finding a proper frock for the funeral?”

“No I do not wish for help. I do not wish for breakfast either. It’s a new year, a new day, a new century and I need some beauty sleep before I begin my new life.”

         I walked down the hall and entered my room. I removed my shoes, put on a clean dressing gown and climbed into my king sized canopy bed. My new life would be awful I thought as I remembered that I was unmarried and now lady of the house. How are you supposed to be the lady of the house when you’re an orphan?

          I can’t remember what all I did the next day but I do remember Mother’s funeral. It was 8 January 1900 and it was a very gloomy day. The clouds in the sky were gray and the air was humid. I stepped outside in a black dress that had a corset involved. I wore pantaloons, a petticoat, black and white boots. I had my bonnet, my hair was tied up and I wore a muffler. As soon as I stepped outside the world could see that I was truly a lady of immense wealth.

         I climbed into the carriage and proceeded to ride to the cemetery. My four servants were my only comfort in my grief. The most prestigious family in England had only one left and not a soul attended the funeral. I held a bible in my hand and placed it on Mother’s coffin. Her coffin was decorated with white, pink, yellow and red roses. Right after the service was over I walked over and took a single red rose from her coffin. As she descended into her final resting place I cried. My dear mother was dead and for the first time in eight days I cried. Emetine placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled me away. She embraced me with a warm hug and a sweet smell of puddings and creams.

“When we get home I shall make you what I made you every day when you were young. I will make delicious chocolate pudding with bacon and waffles for your dinner. Would you like that Elizabeth?”

“Yes Emetine, I would love that.”

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