Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


1. Lunch Rally

Taylor's POV

I was hanging out at lunch with my friends and we had a rally today. We were by our tree just listening to the music and announcers talking to everyone. The theme for spirit week was Disney and almost everyone was in their Disney gear.

As I was talking with my friends, I kept looking over at the rally. I've seen plenty of rally's at school but I've never sat through one. Anyway, I saw a group of teenagers about my age wearing beat up clothes and shoes. I thought to myself "Why are homeless people here?" I turned back to my friends bc someone told a joke then turned back to where the group of boys were but they were gone.

The rally was still going on so I asked my friends if they wanted to come along. "Sure" my friend Makayla replied. "Great! Let's go." I said. The two of us headed over to the rally and sat on the railing talking until the announcer came on stage.

"Hey guys! We have a special performance for you all. Do you want to know who?" The announcer asked. Everyone shouted in response. "Coming all the way from Broadway to perform for you, put your hands together for the Newsies!" The announcer said.

I couldn't believe it! The Newsies are actually here to perform for us. The Newsies is my favorite musical of all time. I practically know the soundtrack by heart. I wonder what song they'll perform.

Jack's POV

"Coming all the way from Broadway to perform for you all, put your hands together for The Newsies!" The announcer said as I walked up to the stage. The crowd cheered as I looked around at them.

"Thank you all for having us. It means so much." I said. The crowd applauded. "Wow! It's weird being somewhere else other than Broadway am I right guys?" I turned to the Newsies and they nodded. I then turned back to the crowd.

As I was scanning, I saw a dirty blonde haired girl wearing skinny jeans, a "I'm his beauty" t-shirt from Beauty and the Beast and some tennis shoes. She was eyeing Race and whispering to her friend. I looked over at Race who was talking to Crutchie then I looked back at the girl.

"Well I don't want to keep you waiting so let's get to it." I said. "What song are you going to do?" The girl called out. "You'll know it" I replied and got off stage just as the music started playing.

Carrying the Banner

Race: Hey! That's my cigar!

Albert: You'll steal another.

Specs: Hey, look, its bath time at the zoo!

Henry: I thought that I'd surprise my mother.

Albert: If you can find her.

Newsies: Who asked you?


Race: From bottle alley to the harbor, it's easy pickings guaranteed.

Finch: Try any banker, bum, or barber. They almost all knows how to read.

Jack: It's a crooked game we're playing, one we'll never lose, long as suckers don't mind paying just to get bad news!


Newsies: Ain't it a fine life, carrying the banner through it all! A mighty fine life, carrying the banner tough and tall. When that bell rings we goes where we wishes. We's as free as fishes. Sure beats washing dishes. What a fine life carrying the banner home free all!


Finch: Hey, Crutchie, what's your leg say? Gonna rain?

Crutchie: Uh, no rain. Partly cloudy. Clear by evening

Race: Ha! And the limp sells fifty papes a week all by itself!

Crutchie: I don't need the limp to sell papes. I got personality. It takes a smile that spreads like butter, the kind that turns a lady's head.

Race: It takes an orphan with a stutter-

Finch: Who's also blind-

Albert: And mute-

Elmer: And dead!

Crutchie, Buttons, Jo Jo: Summer stinks and winters freezing when you works outdoors.

Jack, Tommy Boy, Crutchie, Buttons, Jo Jo: Start out sweating, end up sneezing, in between it pours!

Newsies: Still it's a fine life, carrying the banner with me chums a bunch of big shots, tossing out a freebie to the bums.

Finch: Hey! What's the hold up, waiting makes me ansty. I likes living chancey,

Newsies: Harlem to Delancey. What a fine life carrying the banner through the-

Taylor's POV

Everyone seemed to enjoy the performance and I was rocking out. All of a sudden, the music stopped and Race was standing in front of me. "Hey! What happened to the music?" Someone shouted. "What's going on?" Makayla asked me. "I don't know" I replied.

"We need a volunteer from the audience. Who will it be?" Romeo said. No one said anything and it was quiet like crickets.

Then I started singing.

Taylor (Me): Blessed children, though you wander lost and depraved, Jesus loves you, you shall be saved.

Race smiled at me and I smiled back as I walked around the Newsies. Then Race started singing.

Race: Curdled coffee,

(Elmer: Just gimme half a cup)

(Henry: Something to wake me up)

Race: Concrete doughnuts, sprinkled with mold.

(Romeo: I gotta find an angle)

(Tommy Boy: Its getting bad out there)

Race: Homemade biscuits,

(Mush: Papers is all I got)

(Specs: It's 88 degrees)

(Jo Jo: Jack says to change my spot)

(Sniper: Wish I could catch a breeze)

Race: Just two years old

(Finch: Maybe it's worth a shot)

(Buttons: All I can catch is fleas)

Afterwards I walked back to Makayla.

Jack: If I hate the headline, I'll make up a headline,

Jack, Crutchie: And I'll say anything I have ta. Cause at two for a penny,

Jack, Crutchie, Race, Romeo: If I take too many, weasel just makes me eat em after.

Newsies 1: Got a feeling bout the headline! I smells me a headline! Papes is gonna sell like we was giving em away!

(Newsies 2: I do too! So it must be true!)

Newsies 1: Betcha dinner it's a doozey bout a pistol packing floozey who know how to make a newsies day!

(Newsies 2: What a switch! Soon we'll be rich! Don't know a better way to make a newsies day!)

Newsies: You wanna move the next edition? Give us an earthquake or a war.

Elmer: How bout a crooked politician?

Newsies: Ya nitwit, that ain't news no more!

Race's POV

As I was singing, I grabbed the blonde girl's hand and pulled her towards the group and she sang with us.

Newsies and girl: Uptown to Grand Central Station, down to city hall, we improves our circulation, walking till we fall!

Newsies 1: But we'll be out there carrying the banner man to man.

(Newsies 2: Got a feeling bout the headline! I smells me a headline! Papes are gonna sell like we was giving em away!)

Newsies 1: We're always out there, soaking every sucker that we can.

(Newsies 2: Betcha dinner is a doozey bout a pistol packing floozey! Don't know any better way to make a newsies day!)

Newsies 1: Here's the headline: Newsies on a mission!

(Newsies 2: I was stalking out the circus, then someone said that coney's really hot)

Newsies 1: Kill the competition! Sell the next edition!

(Newsies2: But when I got out there, there's Spot with his cronies)

Newsies 1: We'll be out there, carrying the banner!

(Newsies 2: Heck, I'll take what little dough I have and play with the ponies!)

Newsies 1: See us out there, carrying the banner!

(Newsies 2: We at least deserve a headline for the hours they work us)

Newsies 1: Always out there, carrying the banner!

(Newsies 2: Jeez, if I just longer at the circus)

Newsies: We'll all be out there, carrying the banner man to man. We're always out there, soaking every sucker that we can. Here's the headline: Newsies on a mission! Kill the competition! Sell the next edition! We'll be out there, carrying the banner! See us out there, carrying the banner! Always out there, carrying the banner! Ah, ah, ah, Go!

End of song

Taylor's POV

As soon as the song ended, the bell rung for class and the crowd dispersed. Makayla and I were freaking out while we were getting our bags.

"Omg Taylor! That was incredible!" Makayla exclaimed.

"Ikr! I can't believe I was pulled up on stage!! Today is the best day ever!" I replied excitedly.

"I'm pretty sure that redhead likes you." Makayla smirked.

"I don't think so, he was just being nice." I looked at Race and couldn't help but smile. "Let's go before we're late for class." I laughed.

"We'll talk about this later then." Makayla said. "Alright. See ya later" I said walking to class. I looked over at the Newsies who were talking to one another about the performance. Jack and Crutchie saw me and waved. I waved back then went to class.

Crutchie's POV

After the song was over, the Newsies and I were talking about the performance. "That was great guys! Good job!" Jack told us. "Thanks Jack" Romeo said. I looked over at Race who was looking at the blonde haired girl.

"Race are you ok?" I asked. "What? Oh yea." Race replied. Jack and I looked at him then at the girl and waved. She waved back and walked away.

Race kept smiling so we decided to ask him about it. "Race, I'm pretty sure that she likes you." Romeo said. "Ooh does Race have a crush?" Tommy Boy asked. "Psst. What? No." Race replied. "She probably has a boyfriend" "I think that's something you should ask her." Jack said. We continued pestering Race until our director, Matt, walked up.

"Ok Newsies. Let's get this show on the road, I don't want to be late." Matt said. "Alright" "Ok" "Come on Race" We replied and walked towards the exit of the school.

Race kept looking back to find the girl but she wasn't there. "It's ok Race" Specs said putting a hand on his shoulder. "But I never got her name." Race replied and kept walking.

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