falling skies love story

When captain weaver returns with a 16 year old girl named stellar ben Instantly falls in love with her . But after the skitter attack ben must rescue her if her really loves her


1. the begining

Stellar's Pov            

   "  Pilar how about we go get some water ", I asked 

" Yeah let's go", she cheered

Just as we were walking we saw 5 men headed our way 

" Hello I'm Tom were from Charleston there's a camp there", Tom said calmly

" Hi, I'm Stellar and this is my sister Pillar we were on  our way to Charleston", answered back

" We would be glad to take you", said Tom

"These are my sons Hal, Ben, and Matt  and this is kernel weaver", said tom

"It's nice to meet all of you ", I said 

 *************************************************** In Charleston*********************************************************************

"Hello, I'm Ann I 'm also the nurse her at camp let me show you to your room", she said nicely

" I'm stellar and this is my sister Pillar", I said calmly

" Stellar you and Ben will share a room and Pillar will be with Matt", Ann said quietly.

" Oh okay", I said

As i was getting ready for bed pillar walked in 

" Stellar can i sleep with you tonight" she sobbed

" I guess", i said quietly

Ben enters the room looking dead tired

" Oh Hello", he said quietly 

"Hi ", me and Pilar said in unison

" I hope you guys have a good night ", said ben

" goodnight Beeny", said pilar 

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