complicated relationship

13 year old chairida adams falls in love with two boys in her school but is confused on who is the better choice jackson or liam. Liam the bad boy or jackson the rich smart boy


1. goodbye summer

When  I woke up this morning mom left a note on my night stand  it read get dressed and meet me downstairs.  I threw on some black shorts, a teal shirt from pink, and some white converse.  I ran down the stairs to see what mom wanted she told where going back to school shopping.  Every  freshman's worst nightmare  since i was starting new school this year i needed a lot  more stuff.  We got in the car and drove to the mall first we went to rue 21  i got a pair of skinny jeans , some shorts, and a dress.  We went to pink and got 3 new shirts and some perfume, Then mom took me to  maurices where we got some new shirts and pants and are last stop shoe carnival where i got three pairs of converse.   

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