malfoy's secret sister

Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins. Bianca is happy about everything but her brother Draco is worried about her safety.


1. one

This is a Harry Potter fanfiction for the Carve Your Mark Competition, it is about a sibling relationship. Hope you like it!


Bianca Malfoy. Draco's younger sister that is only one year younger than him. She is different from the rest of her family. She doesn't have the grey-blue eyes, her's are dark blue. Her hair a couple of shades darker than her brother and fathers. Her skin is slightly tan, not pale like the rest of the Malfoy's. People can't tell she's a Malfoy at all.

"You ready for Hogwarts baby sis?" Draco walked into her room. "Yeah, I got my letter yesterday, father is taking us to get our stuff," Bianca said. She continued quickly and stressfully before Draco could say something,


"What if I don't get sorted into Slytherin, I've just got this feeling."


"Don't worry all Malfoys are in Slytherin." Draco hugged his sister. "I'm different than all of you, though." She looked at the ground.


"It doesn't matter, you may look different, but we both love playing Quidditch, so we share something. We are both wizards and we both are Malfoy's" Draco smiled, trying to encourage his sister.


"I hear my children talking about Quidditch. What position do you like the best Bianca?" Lucius asked.


"Chaser, Father." Bianca smiled.


"Well, we better go get your books and robes," Lucius told Bianca and Draco in a hurry. 



"Can I please buy 3 Slytherin robes for my son and 3 for my daughter. " Lucius asked.


"But father, I could get put in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff or G..." Bianca got cut off.


"Don't say that last house, Bianca. Well, we all know you are going to get in Slytherin but if it makes you feel better, I will get you 3 plain black robes." Lucius turned to the employee,


"Sir, instead I will get  3 Slytherin robes and 3 black ones." The employee just nodded and walked away.


"So what's left is your pet and books. What are you bringing Cat or Owl?" Lucius asked. "I'll have a cat, father." Bianca smiled. "Ok let's go buy you a cat, come on Draco." He said as they left the clothing store with the robes and other things.



"Pick anything you want." Bianca walked around the store looking for cats with Draco. "Ragdoll that's what breed I want." Bianca smiled. "Do you want to hold one, they are 10 weeks old?" The lady said behind them. "Yes please." Bianca smiled and picked up the one who was away from every other one. "Great choice that's one is very quiet and can be playful at times." Bianca just patted her new cat. "Draco let's go get a collar." Bianca skipped along with her cat. 

Draco noticed a bushy haired girl with a ginger cat. "Granger what happened to your cat's face." He laughed. "DRACO." Bianca hit her brother. "Ouch!" He yelled. "Sorry about that my brother is an idiot, now hold Lola and go back to father while I get a collar," Bianca said.

He walked off. 

After 2 hours the Malfoy gang went back to the manor to pack for tomorrow. "Can't believe I'm starting Hogwarts tomorrow." Bianca smiled. "My baby girl is growing up." Narcissa hugged Bianca.

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