Loving Your Best Friend

This story is a one shot about Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert.


1. Loving Your Best Friend

Jeremy POV

  I think I am in love with Tyler Lockwood, but I can't be he is my best friend. Anyway there is no way he would return my feelings. He is a football player and I am a junkie. I don't even know when I fell in love with him. He used to bullly me.

   "Hey Jeremy!" Elena said when she saw as she walked into my room "What's wrong?"

   "I am in love with Tyler!" I said to her from my bed.

   "That is great Jeremy!" Elena said as she sat on the foot of my bed "Finally you realized you were in love with him."

   "What?" I said as I looked at her wide-eyed.

   "Tell Tyler how you feel about him!" Elena said.

   "I can't! What if he rejects me?" I said/asked.

   "Trust me he won't!" Elena said.

   "Ok I will!" I said.

 So I got up off the bed and got dressed. I left and got in my car and drove to Tyler's house. I got out of my car and walked to the front door and knocked. I waited a couple minutes and than Tyler opened the door.

    "Hey Jeremy what are doing here, not that I mind?" Tyler asked from the doorway.

    "I um, I am, I am in love with you!!" I said from right in front of him.

    "Jeremy I am in love with you too!" Tyler said walking to me and than he kissed me.

    "This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship" We said together. 

                                            THE END

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