Miraculous Vixen

The true owner of the Fox Miraculous has appeared, but Vixen isn't keen on playing with the other superheroes. Meanwhile, a new girl has appeared at Marinette's school. Riven Elliot was once the lead singer of Paris' most popular pop group, The Face Cards. Due to a rather public humiliation from her bandmates, however, she left to become a normal girl. Dealing with adoring fans and crushes is easy when compared to saving the world.


2. Broadcaster

As Kim and Riven entered the soccer field, she instantly recognized Alix as she dribbled a soccer ball back and forth across the grass.

"Hey Alix," she called out, giving a little wave, "nice footwork."

"Thanks," the short girl smiled back, "just wait until Friday's game!"

"Practice is going to be about an hour long," Kim said as he led her towards the bleachers, "I hope you don't mind."

"Don't worry," she said as she took a seat, "I can do my homework while I wait."

"Oh good," Kim chuckled, sitting down to put on his cleats, "and here I thought you'd be bored."

She smiled as she reached into her bag and brought out her chemistry homework. After Kim finished lacing up his shoes, he got up to head towards the field.

"Oh wait," he stopped causing her to glance up in surprise as he pulled a necklace out from beneath his sweater, "can you hold onto this for me?"

The necklace was a rawhide string with a simple bear claw charm. Two turquoise beads rested on either side of it, giving it an almost elegant look.

"It's beautiful," Riven smiled, reaching out to accept it, "I'll take good care of it."

"Thanks," Kim smiled back, "it's my good luck charm. And...well...I'd feel a lot better knowing it's safe with you."

As Riven opened her mouth to reassure him that she wouldn't let anything happen to it, something large and gray was shoved into her face.

"This is Brian Roach with the Paris Confidential, coming to you live with the fallen Queen herself, Riven Elliot," a man chuckled as he forced himself between the teens, "seen accepting a token of love from her new boyfriend!"

"Wait what," the jock blushed as Riven stood up in anger, "boyfriend?"

"You two again," she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "don't you have anything better to do than follow me around everywhere? I'm old news, remember?"

Kim grunted as he was shoved even farther back by a large cameraman.

"Excuse me," the man said softly, "pardon me."

"Riven," the reporter shoved the microphone closer to the girl's jaw, causing her to attempt to step backwards, "isn't it a bit soon to be dating again after Ruben's rejection?"

"Rejection? What are you-"

"Are you just dating this boy in attempts to forget about your passionate affair with the King of the Face Cards?"


"So you admit to having a passionate affair with him?"

"No," Riven exclaimed, trying to take another step back only to have the microphone follow her, "don't make me call the cops! I'm fairly certain you're violating the terms of your restraining order."

"Come on, Riven," Brian smirked, "the public wants the details and I must give the public what they want. I'm a mere messenger."

"No," the girl snarled, shoving the microphone away from her face, "what you are is a cockroach who doesn't know when to take a hint! Get lost and leave me alone!"

"You've seen it here, folks," Brian turned back to the camera, "Riven's famous diva tantrum."

"Pretty sure she said to get lost," Kim snarled, crossing his arms, "so beat it. This is a private practice."

"You can't keep the truth hidden from the world forever, Elliot," the reporter scowled, "sooner or later, your secrets will be revealed!"

As the man turned to storm off, the cameraman stopped his recording and sighed, "I'm really sorry, Miss Elliot."

Riven turned to him with a smile, "It's all right Harry. I know you've got no say in this."

"Who is that guy," Kim asked, "some kind of reporter?"

"Hardly," Harry scoffed, "Mr. Roach was fired from every major channel in Paris due to his...persistence."

"I think you mean harassment," Riven scowled, "he's basically a blogger with a camera who seems to think that every word coming out of his mouth is the truth. He fabricates these elaborate stories without checking his facts first. My parents filed a restraining order after I moved back to Paris because he won't leave me alone!"

"And why are you helping him," Kim turned to a sullen Harry, "why don't you stop him?"

"I need money and Mr. Roach was willing to pay top dollar for my camera know-how."

"Harry's a nice guy, Kim," Riven shrugged, "he's just in bad company."

Kim shook his head, "Standing there and not doing anything is just as bad as taking part in something you know is wrong."

Harry blinked in surprise, glancing down at his camera, "You know what? You're right! I'm going to go find Mr. Roach and tell him I quit!"

Riven chuckled, "Good on you, Harry. Tell you what, I'll talk to my parents and see if any producers need an extra camera man for their music videos."

"Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Of course," she nodded, "we're friends, right Harry?"

"Friends," the cameraman smiled brightly, "you consider us friends?!"

"You bet."

"Oh thank you Miss Elliot!"


Meanwhile, Brian Roach had stomped outside the field to the curb and sat down, clutching his microphone tightly in anger.

"She thinks she can just wish me away," he snarled, "when the public has every right to know every dirty little secret she has? And a restraining order?! For just doing my job?!"

While he vented, Brian didn't notice a small black butterfly fluttering towards him. It landed on his microphone, encasing it in darkness. He glanced up as a pink butterfly mask appeared around his eyes and caused a red shadow to blanket his face.

"Hello Broadcaster. My name is Hawk Moth. I am giving you the ability to turn all your words into the truth. All you have to do in return is bring me the Miraculous of Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Vixen. Can you do that?"

"This just in," Brian smirked evilly, "the super trio meet their doom."

Standing up, the reporter laughed as the darkness around his microphone quickly spread to the rest of his body.


Riven glanced up in time to watch Kim score yet another goal against Alix as the pair scrimmaged. She smiled, not noticing a tiny creature crawling out of the pocket inside her leather jacket.

"That was such a sweet thing you did for Harry," she glanced down in surprise at the tiny orange fox digging into her lunch bag, "offering to find him a job like that."

The fox was no bigger than Riven's palm with an adorably large head with flashing purple eyes. She spoke in a seductive, yet equally cunning, tone and seemed to regard Riven as something to eat.

"Harry's a good cameraman," the teen shrugged, turning back to her homework, "and I do consider him a friend. I think he'd be better off without Brian Roach in his life."

"I think everyone would be better off without Roach in their life," the fox giggled as she pulled a large strawberry out from the bag, "I mean, can you believe the stuff he said about you and Kim being lovers!?"

Riven nodded with a small smirk, "Thank goodness Harry "lost" the tape. I don't need everyone prying into my personal life."

"Speaking of personal life," the fox paused to swallow a large bite of the fruit in her paws, "you'll save me some pizza from your date, right?"

"Date," Riven blushed, turning away from her Kwami, "who said this was a date?! This is just two people getting to know each other over some pizza. That's all."

"Mhmm," Trixx snickered, flying up to sit on the teen's shoulder, "but it might turn into one."

"Don't be ridiculous, Trixx. We just met each other today. There's no way we're going on a date."

"Whatever you say, Riven."

She returned her gaze down to the soccer field, her eyes locking on Kim almost instantly. As she watched him take the ball back across the field, a tall figure appeared beside the bleachers. He had pale skin, almost alabaster in color, with gritty brown hair that had been slicked up into a ridiculous pompadour. He wore an expensive looking suit and carried a microphone, a long cable acting as a sort of whip dragging along behind him.

"Broadcaster here with exciting news! This just in," his voice caused Riven to glance his way in surprise, "soccer players turned to stone!"


Riven watched as he pointed his microphone towards the majority of the team. A large ripple caused them all to freeze in place before vanishing beneath a layer of concrete. Kim, who had been on the far side of the field, gasped as Alix stood frozen in an eternal scream along with his coach and the rest of the team.

"Kim," Riven shouted out, rising to her feet, "run!"

The boy stood frozen in place however as Broadcaster turned his attention to the black haired girl.

"This just in," he smirked, "ridiculed pop star turned to stone."

Gasping, Kim gazed around for anything that might help him. As he glanced down at the soccer ball by his feet, a crazy idea popped into his head. Taking a few steps back, he quickly charged forward and sent the ball flying through the air. It collided with Broadcaster's arm, knocking his ripple away and causing the bleachers to become stone instead of Riven.

"Run Riven," the villain turned towards him with a snarl, only to watch as he sprinted towards the locker rooms, "run!"

With a scoff, he turned back to where the girl had just been standing. Riven Elliot, however, was nowhere in sight.

"No," he snarled, "she cannot escape me," he glanced towards the locker rooms where Kim had disappeared, "that boy!"


Riven panted as she hid behind a dumpster outside the soccer field.

"That was so brave of Kim," Trixx swooned, "I hope he's all right."

"We're going to make sure of that," Riven nodded, "Trixx, let's pounce!"

Riven's tail pendant glowed a brilliant orange, sucking the tiny fox Kwami into it and turning it to a soft golden color. A dark orange mask appeared over her eyes as her hair shimmered into a brighter tawny shade, her bangs seeming to bleach themselves. Her black clothes vanished, replaced by a bright orange suit with black gloves and boots, a stripe of white raveling down her chest to her crotch area. A long metal flute materialized along her back as she smiled and stretched.

Vixen pulled her weapon off her back and raised it to her lips. Riding a sound wave to the top of the stadium, she gazed down in attempts to locate Broadcaster.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise," she turned in surprise as Cat Noir landed beside her, "I hear there's a psycho turning people to stone and I arrive to find a fox."

The fox said nothing and she resumed her scouting.

"Hey listen," Cat sighed as he knelt beside her, "I'm sorry Ladybug accused you yesterday. You were only trying to help."

"Look," she snapped, standing up suddenly, "I don't care about what happened yesterday. All I care about is keeping Paris safe. So long as you and the bug don't get in the way of me doing my job, we'll get along fine."

"Okay okay," the leather clad hero raised in his hands in defense, "so what are we dealing with?"

"He calls himself Broadcaster," she said, "But he's really a blogger named Brian Roach. It's seems that whatever he claims to report comes true. And I'm betting the Akuma is in his microphone whip."

"Should we wait for Ladybug," Cat Noir shrugged, "I'm sure she's on her way. And she's the only one who can capture the Akumas."

As Vixen was about to agree, a scream of fear erupted from the locker room.

"That was Kim!"

"Look," Cat Noir pointed, "there."

Broadcaster left the locker room, giving a yank on his microphone whip. The cable was wrapped tightly around Kim's abdomen, pinning his arms to his sides.

"This just in," the villain called out, "interfering teen used as bait to lure out Riven Elliot."

"Riven Elliot," Cat tilted his head in confusion, "why does he want her?"

"Brian Roach has been following her for months now," Vixen explained, "she's got a restraining order against him and everything. He seems to think she's got a couple dirty secrets he can use to become a famous reporter again."

"You seem to know a lot about this."

"Don't you watch the news?"

"I know you can hear me, Elliot," Broadcaster called out, "if you want your boyfriend returned safe and sound, you'll show yourself."

"I'm not her boyfriend," Kim snapped, pulling against his restraints, "Riven don't come out here! Get Ladybug and Cat Noir!"

"Ask and you shall receive," Cat chuckled as he leaped off the top of the stadium and into the field below, "time for your commercial break, Broadcaster."

Vixen grunted as she landed beside him, readying her flute, "Whatever you do, don't get caught in his ripples."

"Got it."

Broadcaster perked up as another butterfly mask appeared around his eyes, "Cat Noir and Vixen! Take their Miraculous', Broadcaster! Take them now!"

"This just in," the villain smirked, "heroes hand over their Miraculous'!"

Cat gasped, shoving the fox aside as he dodged an approaching ripple, "Watch out!"

Vixen gasped as she felt his arm wrap around her waist and hold her close. Using his staff, Cat Noir extended it to carry the pair back up to the top of the stadium.

Broadcaster chuckled as he pointed his microphone at them once again, "This just in, heroes froz-"

Kim grunted as he used all his weight to shove his shoulder into the villain's back. The pair tumbled to the ground, giving the heroes time to turn back towards their opponent.

Growling, Broadcaster turned to glare down at the cowering teen, "You again! You've meddled in my affairs for the last time, boy!"

"No," Vixen cried out, "Kim!"

"This just in," the man pointed his microphone at Kim, who shrank away in fear, "Teen turned to stone."


The concrete shell quickly overtook Kim's skin and clothes, leaving him curled on the ground in eternal terror. With a flick on his wrist, Broadcaster's whip removed itself from his victim's chest and returned to his side. Cat Noir glanced up as Vixen began to shake with rage.

Kim had saved her, and yet she couldn't do the same for him. What kind of hero was she if she couldn't keep her friends safe?


Broadcaster glanced up at her in confusion, a smirk still on his face.

"I won't forgive you for this," she snarled, snapping her tear filled gaze to meet his, "you're going to pay!"

Leaping down into the stadium, she charged forward. Caught off guard, Broadcaster had only a mere second to bring his whip up to avoid being hit by the metal flute being swung in his direction.

"L-ladies and gentlemen," he gasped, dodging her attacks left and right, "this just in-"

"I'm not going to let you get a single word in," she snapped, sweeping his legs out from under him, "you're finished!"

"Cat Noir," he glanced up to see a familiar red clad heroine land beside him, "I came as quickly as I could. What's going on?"

"Guy named Broadcaster is turning people to stone. Anything he says comes true," he said as quick as he could, "we think his Akuma is in his microphone but we haven't been able to get near it."

"We," she glanced down in surprise, "is that Vixen?"

"Yeah. She was already here when I showed up."

"Vulpine Melody!"

Four more Vixens melted from her, each charging the villain as he struggled to speak. They ran in circles around him, occasionally landing a hit with their flutes. His grunts of pain gradually became snarls of annoyance.

"That's it," he snapped, flicking his whip into action, "This just in, Vixen clones disappear without a trace!"

Broadcaster gave a mighty swing of his weapon, the cable slicing through each of the clones and causing them to vanish in a cloud of smoke. As it collided with the real Vixen, however, it send her flying across the field and landing beside the stone Kim. She groaned, clutching her side in pain while her necklace gave a warning flash.

"Vixen," Ladybug cried out as she and Cat Noir landed in front of her, "are you okay?"

"Yeah," she grunted, taking a quick glance at Kim's horror stricken face before pulling herself to her feet, "but I've only got a few more minutes."

"I think it's time you use that charm of yours," Cat Noir smirked with a wink to his partner, "men are helpless against it."

Nodding, Ladybug sent her yo-yo flying into the air, "Lucky Charm!"

Once again, a flurry of hearts dropped an object into the heroine's awaiting hands.

"A jar of peanut butter?"

"What," Vixen snapped, "you going to make him a sandwich?"

"Let me think."

"This just in, Cat Noir turns against fellow superheroes!"

"Uh oh," Cat Noir leaped away in order to avoid a ripple, "not to rush you, M'lady, but I'm a lover not a fighter!"

Ladybug's vision focused on Broadcaster mouth, the jar of peanut butter, and Vixen's flute.

"Vixen," she turned towards the orange hero, "I have a plan. You in?"

While the girls went over their plan, Cat Noir led Broadcaster over to the bleachers. As soon as they were high enough, the boy smirked.


A dark energy surrounded Cat's right hand, which he slapped against the bench Broadcaster stood on as he leaped forward. The metal seat deteriorated away, sending the villain screaming downwards. He clutched the lower set of seats, his legs dangling beneath him and his mouth hanging open in a groan.

Ladybug and Vixen, who stood on the far side of the field, noticed his open jaw and nodded to one another. Raising her flute to her lips, Vixen waited until Ladybug gave a little jump before belting out a High G and sending her flying towards Broadcaster at astonishing speed. In her hand was a spoonful of peanut butter, which she slipped into the villain's mouth as she passed.

The food filled his cheeks and stuck to the roof of his mouth, making it difficult to speak.

"Tis justb  enn," he struggled, pointing his microphone In Ladybug's direction, "Ludyburc-"

"Not so fast," she smirked, snatching the weapon out of his hands and smashing it against the bleachers to release the AKuma within, "No more evildoing for you, little Akuma."

Cat Noir glanced down at Vixen, who was kneeling expectantly beside Kim.

"Vixen," he called out, noticing her pulsing pendant, "your necklace is glowing!"

She glanced down at it in surprise. Giving one last look at Kim, she sprinted out of the stadium and once again hid behind the dumpster. No sooner had she vanished from sight when her fox tail pendant gave a final pulse and caused her uniform to vanish and her Kwami to fall exhausted into her awaiting hands.

"Oh Trixx," she sighed, "I told you I wasn't the one for this job."

"What do you mean Riven," the fox sighed, giving her tail a quick grooming, "you helped Ladybug and Cat Noir save all those kids and all of Paris."

"But I couldn't keep Kim out of danger, and he was able to save me. Twice!"

"I know this is hard, but this is your destiny. Trust me when I say that you're meant to have these powers," when the teen didn't answer she added, "and you technically did save Kim. Now that Broadcaster's been defeated, he should be back to normal."

"You're right," Riven smiled, brightening up, "thanks Trixx."

Tucking the Kwami into the pocket on the inside of her jacket, Riven ran back into the stadium as Ladybug and Cat Noir vanished from sight.

"Riven," she turned and smiled as Kim rushed her, catching her in a hug, "are you okay?"

"I'm okay," she said, sighing with relief, "I'm so glad you are too. That was so brave of you, saving me like that."

"I wasn't about to let that freak hurt one of my friends," he smirked, "now what do you say we go get that pizza?"

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