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Gabrielle Winchester has followed in the footsteps of her two big brothers ever since she met them after a house fire when she was six months old. Now these three of them are going up and down America hunting for the thing that started the family business.


2. two

Hi Movellians! So some people were wondering how old Gabriella was, for your information, she is 11 years old. Vote and comment please, thanks.


"So why did you not go with dad when he was on a hunt?" Sam asked Dean while he was parked outside some motel. 


"Oh, I was busy working some voodoo thing in New Orleans." Dean replied. 


"Dad let you hunt on your own?" He asked. 


"Dude, I'm twenty-six." Sam then looked at me. "She was at Bobby's, ok?" Dean then pulled out a newspaper and chucked it at Sam and I. "So dad was checking out this two-lane blacktop just outside of Jericho, California. About a month ago, they found this guy, Andrew Carey's car, but he was gone."


"He might've been kidnapped. Happens a lot these days." Sam replied. Dean then chucked Sam another newspaper. 


"Yeah, well it happened again. And again, and again, and again. Ten times in the last twenty years. All men, and the same stretch of road. Then, I got this voicemail from dad yesterday." Dean showed us a tape recorder and pressed play. 


"Dean...something big is starting to happen...I need to try and figure out what's going on. It may... Be very careful, Dean. We're all in danger." Dad's voice spoke, the recording sort of breaking up. 


"There's EVP on that." Sam spoke, and Dean leaned over to pat his head. 


"So, I played it slow, ran it through a gold wave and removed the hiss. This is what was left." Dean pressed play again. 


"I can never go home." 


"Never go home." I said. 


"Yeah. Right, we'll sleep here then hit the road tomorrow, ok?" Dean asked, and we headed in to book a room for the night. 


The next morning, Dean went to a gas station to get some gas and breakfast. "You want breakfast?" Dean asked Sam and I. Sam shook his head and I nodded, so Dean handed me a bar of chocolate. 


"You and dad still doing credit card scams then?" Sam sighed, before rummaging through Dean's box of cassette tapes. "Man, you really gotta update your tape collection." 


"Why?" I asked. 


"First of all, they're cassette tapes. Second, its mullet rock. Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Metallica?" 


"Maybe I like Metallica..." I mumbled. Dean then shoved a tape in the player and looked at Sam. 


"House rules Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole." Dean started driving as Back in Black started playing. 


"I expected you to have better taste in music." Sam moaned. Dean turned the music right up and looked at Sam. 


"Can't hear you!" 


"Right, thanks." Sam hung up his phone. "No-one matches dad in any hospitals or morgues so that's good." We then pulled up on the bridge full of officers. 


Dean then got out and went to open the boot of the car to get his fake FBI suit and badge out and shut the boot. 


"You still do this then?" Sam asked, and Dean nodded. 


"Ok... then why does Gaby have my old laptop?" He asked. 


"I help with the research and so forth. I'm like the brains of this team. And Dean's the brawl."


"Hey!" Dean smiled, before he went behind the bushes to get changed. He came back out all suited up and then locked Sam and me in the car. 


We then drove back to the motel and Sam and Dean left to talk to a new missing guy, Troy's girlfriend. I switched the TV on and some glitchy episode of Spongebob came on and I lay down on the bed to watch it. After about ten minutes of hearing Spongebob's irritating voice, I fell asleep. 




"Hey baby. Mommy's here. Mommy loves you." A blonde woman cooed at me. I was small and being placed in a crib. "Night darling." The woman kissed my forehead and then left the room and turned the lights off to go to sleep.


It suddenly got really cold, and I lay there shivering under a pile of thick blankets. Then, a hooded figure teleported into the room, and looked at me. "Hello Gabrielle. You're very special, you are." They smirked, pouring their blood into my mouth. The woman then threw the door open, cause a crapton of blood to fall into my mouth. The hooded figure turned around and looked at her. 


"Hush Esme, you'll wake this precious little thing. You promised you wouldn't have disrupted me during this, but you did, so now you have to pay." The woman was then pinned to the wall and lots more blood kept

falling in my mouth. The hooded figure then lay me back down in the cot and put the woman on the ceiling above me, before the room went on fire. 


*End of Flashback*


I sat up quickly and saw Sam and Dean looking at me worried. "You ok?" They asked, and I looked at them and nodded. "Right... anyway, we found out that some woman jumped off that bridge in 1981, so we're gonna check the bridge out. Wanna come with?" Dean asked, and I nodded. 


On the way there, Sam and Dean told me about this woman, Constance who jumped off the bridge and how they suspect she's haunting the missing men. 


"So... you think dad's been here?" I asked while we looked into the water. 


"Well, he's chasing this case, and we're chasing him, so probably." 


"So now what?" I asked. 


"Now we keep digging till we find him." Sam stopped and looked down. 


"I'm sorry Dean, but I need to be back for Monday... this interview is really important." Sam spoke.


"The interview..." Dean started. "Yeah, I forgot. You're really serious about this, aren't you? You think you're just going to become some lawyer? Marry your girl?" Sam nodded. "Does Jessica know the truth about you? I mean, does she know about the things you've done?" Sam stepped closer to Dean and shook his head. 


"No. And she never will." 


"Well, that's healthy. You can pretend all you want. But sooner or later you're

going to have to face up to who you really are. You're one of us Sammy." Dean then grabbed my arm and started walking away. Sam ran up in front of us. 


"No. I'm not going to be like you. This is not going to be my life. And I don't think it should be Gab's either." Sam then grabbed my hand.


"And where you gonna take her then?" Dean asked.


"Anywhere safer than this life. I'll put her in a home or somewhere where she's safe." Dean's face turned red. He was mad. 


"Sam! You have a responsibility-" 


"To what? To dad? To his stupid road trip through America? Dean, I don't even know what mom's voice sounds like... I wouldn't know what she looked like either if it wasn't for pictures. Gabby's not even got a picture of her mom. All she remembers is you and dad teaching her to fight. What difference does it even make anyway?! Even if we do find the thing that killed our moms, they're both gone. And they are never coming back." I gasped and pulled myself out of Sam's grip. Dean then grabbed Sam by his shirt and shoved him into the railing of the bridge. 


"Don't. You. Dare. Don't you dare talk about them like that!" Dean then let's go of Sam and started walking away. I then saw Constance staring at us.


"Um... Sam? Dean?" Sam and Dean looked at Constance and stood next to me. Constance then jumped over the edge of the bridge. "Where the hell did she go?!" I yelled. 


The Impala's engine then started and the lights shone in our eyes. Dean pulled out his keys to the car showing that no-one could be driving it. "Run!" Dean yelled, and the car started speeding towards us. Dean then picked me up and him and Sam jumped over the railing, Dean holding tightly onto me. 


Sam was holding tightly onto the edge of the bridge and started yelling our names, thinking we had died. "Dean? Gabby? Oh my god..." 


Dean and I then crawled out from a giant pile of mud and Sam noticed us and laughed. "You guys ok?" I then gave Sam the thumbs up and smiled. "You guys smell like a toilet." Sam said while we were driving to a motel. 


"Thanks Sam." I replied, covered in mud. We then got to the motel and Dean booked a room under the name Hector Aframian. 


"You guys having a reunion?" The dude at the till asked. "Some other guy, Burt Aframian booked a room for a whole month."


We broke into dad's room and saw all sorts of newspaper articles and salt all over the place. I headed into the bathroom and got cleaned up and changed into more comfortable clothes.


"We should probably check him out, huh? You can stay here Gabby." Dean said to me. "I'm gonna go get cleaned up." Sam then stopped Dean and looked at him. 


"Look man, I'm sorry for what I said earlier..." 


"No chick-flick moments dude." Dean replied. 


The pair then made up and left to continue the case while I lay in bed watching TV. After about two hours, Sam and Dean came back and we packed up to leave. 


"What's that?" I asked, and Sam showed me a page in dad's journal that said; 


'DEAN 35-111'


Sam sat looking at a map, and I leaned over holding a torch, helping him see. "Ahah! It's a place called Blackwater Ridge. It's in Colorado." Sam said. 


"That's about 600 miles away. Y'know, if we move fast, we can make it there by morning." Dean said, and Sam looked out the window awkwardly. 


"Dean, you know I'd love to stay, but I only have ten hours." He said. 


"Oh... look, I'll take you back then." Dean replied, and he focused on the road back to Stanford.

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