I Just Wanna Be Ok..

Sabrina has been an orphan from the age of 3 when her parents died in a car crash. She has lived in the orphanage for practically her whole life. One day, when she is almost 15 she gets her wish. Adoption. But it's not what she has always dreamed off....in fact it's worse.


1. Finally..

      "Sabrina!  Sabrina! What did I tell you?  GET ALL THE KIDS IN ORDER!" Mrs. Brown yelled at me.  Sighing, I pushed all the kids in line with the promise of candy later on. 

      Adoption day usually went like this.  Mrs. Brown making me get the kids in order, while she frantically got forms arranged.  Me, being the oldest there had to manage the younger kids.  Once all the younger kids were settled, I went to Mrs. Brown.  "They are all sitting in their places.  I had to promise them candy for later though.  Need any help?" I asked her, forcing a small smile on my face.  
     "Yeah that's fine. We have plenty of candy." she replied with a light chuckle. "Sorry to yell at you Sabrina.  You know I get stressed out on adoption days.  I  don't need any more help.  You can go  and wait with the kids."  
     I walked into the huge main room with old couches and stools scattered everywhere.  Taking a seat on the floor, I looked around at all the younger kids laughing and jumping excitedly.  I remember when I used to get excited about getting adopted.  I never was adopted .  But after 12 years of waiting, you give up hope.  No one wants an almost 15 year old kid around.  Sighing, I wedged myself further into the corner started reading the old paperback book I had read a number of times.
    Suddenly, a little girl with black curly hair and big brown eyes tugging on my shirt sleeve.  Looking up, I saw that it was Kaya, a little girl from Native American descent.  "Sabwina?" She said with a slight lisp in her voice.  "I don't thwink I'm gonna get adopted"  She lifted up one of her thick black braids. "I'm dwifferent."
    I pulled her into a hug. "Now, Kaya.  You'll get adopted.  You're the cutest one here." I said squeezing her little hand.  "Now you go and sit up front with all your little friends and I'm sure you'll get adopted."
    "You sure?  You pwomise Swabina?"  
     "Yes.  I promise." I said, pulling her into a tighter hug, and hoping that my promise would be true.
     As Kaya ran back to her seat, and the people started coming in the orphanage door, my eyes were drawn to Kaya.  I prayed for her to be adopted.  
     Soon, I saw a young couple approach Kaya and start talking to her.  Kaya laughed and her blue eyes lit up as she nodded her head enthusiastically.  Kaya ran up to me, her eyes shining.  "Sabwina, I'm getting adwopted!  The pweople are dwifferent like me!" I smiled at her, but ducked my head so she wouldn't see the tears in my eyes.  I would miss her.  
     "Here Sabwina, take this.  Mrs. Brown helped me make it.  It for you." she smiled, clasping a charm bracelet onto my wrist.  
     "I'm gonna miss you Kaya." I said squeezing her into one last hug.
     "Me too.  Am I ever gonna see you again?" she asked.  
     "I don't know Kaya.  Maybe someday." I lied, knowing I would never see her again.  She hugged me again, squeezed my hand, and waved goodbye as she walked out the door with her new family.  
    I should've been happy for her and trust me I was.  But there was a little part of me that wanted that to be me.  I was jealous.  Jealous I have never gotten adopted at her age. 
     I was broken from my thoughts by people standing above me.  I quickly looked up from my spot on the floor and faced a family of four who was staring right at me.  Feeling color rise in my cheeks, I leaped up. "H..hi." I said, started and noticing that my voice was way more shaky than I would have liked.
     The lady standing in the front, adjusted her stylish scarf and gave me a warm smile.  "Hey, you must be Sabrina.  I'm Emily Winters and this is my husband Daniel."  I nodded and gave them a polite smile.  I was confused.  Why were they talking to me?  They must have thought I worked there.  I realized the lady was motioning behind her to two girls.  
     The taller of the two girls gave a grin and said, "Hey, I'm Melody."
     I saw the lady, Emily, shoot a look at the other girl who was shorter and prettier.  She looked up and rolled her eyes, as if exasperated.  "I'm Hanna." she said and went back to texting rapidly on her phone.
     "We're here because we want another addition to our family.  I..I've always wanted more kids but couldn't have any more."  Emily said, her voice shaking.
      "And we thought it would be nice to adopt a girl about your age." Daniel said, placing hand on his wife's shoulder.
     Their words suddenly sank in and I realized.  They wanted to adopt me.  Me of all people.  I gave a small smile and tentatively asked, "So..so you wanna adopt me?"  
     Before they could reply, Hanna rolled her heavily lined eyes at me again.  "Yeah duh they do.  They want you to be our sister.  Gosh, haven't you caught on yet?" 
     I laughed and smiled at her.  She would be a fun sister to have.  I was getting adopted and I would have two sisters.  I couldn't wait to finally have the life I had always dreamed of.

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